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Book Talk | Jamie Figueroa

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March 2 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



Jamie Figueroa, author of Brother, Sister, Mother, Explorer : A Novel 

In conversation with Estevan Rael-Galvez, Jamie Figueroa discusses his stunning debut novel about a sister trying to hold back her brother from the edge of the abyss. In the tourist town of Ciudad de Tres Hermanas, in the aftermath of their mother’s passing, two siblings spend a final weekend together in their childhood home. Seeing her brother, Rafa, careening toward a place of no return, Rufina devises a bet: If they can make enough money performing for privileged tourists in the plaza over the course of the weekend to afford a plane ticket out, Rafa must commit to living. If not, Rufina will make her peace with Rafa’s own plan for the future, however terrifying it may be.

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