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When an unexpected health concern strikes it leaves patients looking for primary care at a moment’s notice. It’s good to know that Southwest Care Center’s Santa Fe locations at the Alameda and Harkle Clinics are there to take the stress out of seeking primary care services.

Regardless of your financial circumstances, you can access a certified doctor or a skilled advanced practice provider, along with a proficient team dedicated to delivering top-quality primary care at either of the Southwest Care Center’s Santa Fe clinics. Effective communication with patients is a fundamental aspect of Southwest’s services, ensuring a superior healthcare experience.

Primary Care Services Offered at the Santa Fe Clinics

Visitors to Southwest Care Center’s Alameda or Harkle Clinics will experience personalized attention, far from being just another number. These centers adopt a holistic approach for visitors’ well-being, promoting and aiding in their lifelong health requirements.

The clinics provide a variety of services to support individuals across all age groups facing diverse health challenges. Key areas of care are women’s health, geriatrics, infectious disease, psychiatry, diabetes management, pediatrics, among others.

Harkle Clinic PharmacyAdditionally, Southwest Care is equipped to manage all laboratory visits, and it houses an on-site pharmacy staffed with experienced and friendly professionals.

“We are big enough to offer the highest level of expertise, yet small enough to provide whole-person medicine, focused on a patient’s individual needs,” the company’s website notes. “Our primary care physicians, pediatricians, behavioral health specialists, case managers, and pharmacists all collaborate to deliver the coordinated, personalized health care you deserve.”

Southwest Care History

Southwest Care has carved out a distinguished place as a top healthcare provider in Northern New Mexico, with centers in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Established in 1996, the organization initially focused on aiding patients affected by HIV/AIDS.

Southwest Care Harkle Clinic location
Harkle Clinic location at 649 Harkle Road, Suite E

However, the leadership quickly recognized a broader demand for varied healthcare services in the region, leading to an expansion beyond their original HIV/AIDS emphasis. This expansion included maintaining their commitment to high-quality HIV/AIDS prevention and care. The organization’s global acclaim for its exceptional research and empathetic care quickly distinguished Southwest Care in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas.

In its ongoing efforts to address the healthcare needs of the community, Southwest Care has two clinics in Santa Fe – the Alameda Clinic and the Harkle Clinic. Both of these clinics offer provided primary care, HIV and Hepatitis C services, behavioral health, and pharmacy services to the Santa Fe population.

Community Focus

Southwest Care’s Santa Fe Clinics are not only known for their extensive service offerings but also for their significant role within the local community. The staff and doctors are residents of the area, giving them a deep understanding of local healthcare needs. This recently led to an upgrade in the company’s call center operations, prioritizing customer needs.

“Our patients spoke, and we listened,” Southwest Care CEO Michael Adams says. “We have extraordinary personnel in our call center who endeavor to deliver a timely and personable patient experience over the phone, and we have now obtained the expertise necessary to ensure this process is improved via new technology, procedural improvements, and workflow changes. Our goal is to increase phone access for patients to meet their needs in a timelier fashion.”

This community-oriented approach extends to aiding uninsured or underinsured individuals. At any Southwest Care location, including the Santa Fe Clinics, care is provided irrespective of one’s financial capabilities. For such patients, Southwest Care offers a sliding fee scale, where eligible individuals pay a minimal fee for services. This dedication to serving all community members is a fundamental part of their mission, making primary care available to more patients.

“Southwest Care Center, a not-for-profit corporation, has been a healthcare leader in New Mexico for 27 years, and today serves more than 11,000 patients,” Adams says. “We are accepting new patients and encourage everyone who desires to live their healthiest life to check us out at southwestcare.org or schedule an appointment by calling us at 505-955-9454.”

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