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Spending a long evening outdoors as the sun sets, the temperature abates, and the stars come out is one of the all-season luxuries of the Southwest lifestyle. The best outdoor furniture expands the exterior living space for your own personal slice of outdoor heaven, whether you love to host fabulous dinner parties or crave a self-care day from the comfort of your home.

Whether choosing a dining set or seating for conversations, the selection of comfortable and elegant outdoor furniture requires planning— and a visit to The Firebird’s 4,000-square-foot showroom packed with high-quality furniture, fire pits, outdoor heating, and more to create the best outdoor living environment.



Premium outdoor furniture endures and maintains value

The Firebird Vice President Sage Rentfrow and his designers guide customers through the selection of the best luxury outdoor furniture for Santa Fe’s 300-plus days of sun. He places an emphasis on choosing furniture made of quality materials, with proven longevity and with an excellent warranty.

Even more than style, choose luxury outdoor furniture for comfort, function, and utility. At the Firebird, a customer can conveniently test a chair or sofa for comfort. The Firebird designers know outdoor furniture is an investment and the purchase of premium outdoor furniture is an investment in decades of outdoor living.

Comfortable outdoor furniture including chairs by a fire pit.

Quality materials survive the elements

At The Firebird, expert manufacturers, such as Gloster, Ebel, Kannoa, Seaside Casual, and Patio Renaissance, consistently and effectively design and create beautiful and functional, luxury outdoor furniture at best-in-class value.

Sage recommends aluminum furniture or a high-quality synthetic such as high-density polyethylene furniture for durability and easy maintenance in our sun-drenched climate. He also recommends selecting fabrics that are UV-resistant.

Aluminum is one of the few metals that can be used to produce outdoor furniture, which requires resistance to natural elements, such as sunlight, rain, and snow. It also is lightweight and easy to rearrange for flexible use.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber is an all-weather material that does not require sealing, painting, or staining. It will not rot or splinter and contains superior UV inhibitors to resist fading. Quality wicker furniture also is made with this reliable material. HDPE products are low-maintenance and durable. Often made from recycled plastics, HDPE can be eco-friendly.

The Seaside Casual line of outdoor furniture is constructed of this tough material. The Firebird also recommends Breezesta, which uses recycled poly lumber. Their furniture is proudly manufactured in America from millions of milk jugs that would otherwise degrade in landfills.

Keep in mind that even the most expensive furniture requires some protection from the harsh Southwest sun and the occasional rain and snow. Include covers or shelter to protect your investment.

How to identify quality furniture

Making an investment in high-quality outdoor furniture provides the benefit of years of durability and low maintenance — as well as pleasure.

When choosing wicker furniture, such as Ebel, look for handwoven HDPE strands with UV inhibitors to prevent fading from sun exposure. This material also is durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to cracking and scratching. Plus, it’s a sustainable material!

When choosing aluminum furniture, look for quality construction. Check for a thick gauge aluminum frame and a netting cushion support system for the best furniture. Inspect joint welds. Luxury outdoor furniture will very rarely have visible screws.

Examine the warranty. If the warranty is for the lifetime, it is likely the furniture was built to last. A warranty is only as good as the manufacturer providing it, so choose businesses with a long-term quality reputation.

When to buy for the best price

If you are not concerned about service or purchasing a particular brand, style, or selection, fall is time for the best buys on outdoor furniture, with late October usually having the best sale prices.

Outdoor funiture

Where to buy quality furniture

The Firebird is a year-round outdoor lifestyle business, so they always maintain a substantial inventory. Many stores promote outdoor furniture seasonally and feature a limited selection of furniture and options. Whereas, in a retail store such as The Firebird, design consultants provide service, as well as knowledge and expertise, that would not be available online.

Because of lower overhead, online stores may offer the lowest price (depending on shipping expenses) on outdoor furniture. However, there are risks associated with shopping online, including not being able to test the furniture for comfort and quality, as well as a risk of fraud.

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