Expert Tips for Efficient Outdoor Heating -
A firepit is a great option for cozy outdoor heating.

The Land of Enchantment is famous for its more than 300 days a year of sunshine. To transform your space from a three-season oasis to four seasons requires outdoor heating during the winter months.

For tips on the best way to heat your outdoor spaces, we turned to The Firebird, a family- and locally-owned outdoor living showroom serving Santa Fe for more than 45 years.

The Best Outdoor Heating Method

Sage Rentfrow, vice president of The Firebird, recommends infrared heat, which radiates down like the heat of the sun. Radiant heat can be provided by gas or electricity — though Sage recommends efficient electricity, which also is more environmentally friendly.

The Firebird has many customizable heating options to blend with your patio or portal design, starting at around $500 for infrared heaters. For example, The Firebird represents Infratech, which has eight standard colors, in addition to bare stainless. Infratech also can be flush mounted to the ceiling.

Infrared heaters are one of the easiest-to-install outdoor heating options. These heaters mount to the wall or ceiling and are hardwired to the home’s circuit.

There are many benefits to choosing and installing infrared heaters:

  • easy to maintain because there are fewer vulnerable parts
  • inexpensive to run
  • environmentally friendly
  • heat up quickly
  • heat focused on key areas
  • powerful easily heating up to warm around 100 square feet
  • long-lasting, up to 10 years or more
  • not affected by wind

Sage observes that an outdoor space does not need to be enclosed to be warmed. Many homes in New Mexico have a portal that is open on three sides. These areas can be comfortably warmed with infrared heat mounted in the ceiling of the portal.

While outdoor fireplaces add a cozy ambiance, they do not provide much heat for the outdoor area. Combining infrared heat for comfort with the ambiance of a fireplace, stove, or fire pit may be a winning combination for many outdoor spaces.

Various options for outdoor heating, including overhead heating and a fire pit.

The Cheapest and Most Efficient Way to Heat Outdoors

Sage prefers electricity for heating an outdoor patio or portal. He claims it is hotter and more effective.

Additional Services at The Firebird

The Firebird provides full services for creating warmth and ambiance on a patio or porch. Services include design and installation advice, aid in the selection of products from the many brands they have in their showroom, and placing custom orders. The Firebird offers in-house installation service for a complete turnkey solution.

Benefits of Adding Outdoor Heating to Your Home

One of the benefits of heating an outdoor area, especially in New Mexico, is that adding outdoor heating turns the patio, porch, or portal from an area that can be enjoyed in three seasons to one that can be enjoyed year-round, providing additional living space.

Creating a year-round outdoor living space adds to the value of a home. Home buyers react more positively to a four-season patio or portal, which increases a home’s value and salability.

The Firebird is the largest retailer of indoor and outdoor living products in Northern New Mexico. You’ll find what your home needs for premium indoor and outdoor decor, lighting, heating, irrigation, and more at The Firebird.

Here are some ideas for cozy winter cocktails to sip while enjoying your backyard.

Find expert tips for buying quality outdoor furniture.


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