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When it comes to caring for your child, selecting the right pediatrician can be a crucial decision. From training to communication to patient care, there are numerous considerations to consider.

Southwest Care Center’s Pediatric Center in Santa Fe may be the perfect fit for young patient care with several providers to choose from. Whatever your choice, here are some things to remember when making that final pediatric decision.

1 – Board Certified pediatrician

A board-certified pediatrician is the standard when seeking a medical expert for your child’s health. There are two certifying boards in the U.S., the American Osteopathic Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Pediatrics.

Selecting a board-certified pediatrician ensures care from a doctor who is well-versed in the latest medical services and techniques. Designations from FACOP (Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Pediatrics) or FAAP (Fellow of the American Association of Pediatrics) can also be important to make sure a pediatrician is seeking continuing education and is recognized among peers.

“From basic check-ups, to routine vaccinations, to more serious medical care, your pediatrician will be with you for your child’s entire health journey,” CafeMom notes. “You want to find a team you and your child feel comfortable with, since this is a relationship you’ll have for years to come.”

Looking for the perfect pediatrician for your child?

Southwest Care Center’s Santa Fe Pediatrics can be the perfect option.


2 – Availability is important

As most parents know, a runny nose or accident can occur at the most inopportune times. Having a pediatrician that’s available at convenient times can go a long way toward ensuring some much-needed quality care.

Same-day or next-day availability is important. A trip to an urgent care facility can be expensive and time-consuming. Specialty care may also be unavailable. Southwest Care Center’s Santa Fe Pediatrics offers same-day appointments as well as conveniences like English and Spanish-speaking staff and an on-site lab and pharmacy.

Parents also want convenience and consistency in the healthcare of their child. Expect that at Southwest Care Center.

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3 – Insurance and medical costs

Knowing that a pediatric visit will be covered by your health insurance is crucial. Those out-of-pocket expenses can add up quickly. Some companies don’t allow members to seek care outside of their own exclusive network. Because of that, find out in advance if your pediatrician takes your insurance.

Making use of your insurance lowers healthcare costs for families and can offer a sense of security if that little one needs care. Plan in advance. Southwest Care Center takes a wide range of insurance plans and also offers sliding-scale fees. The bottom line is that children will get care regardless of their parents’ ability to pay.

4 – the pediatrician’s Personality

Beyond the general nuts and bolts of training and insurance coverage, simply liking and understanding a pediatrician may be one of the biggest things to consider. Personalities need to mesh for something as critical as child healthcare.

Do you agree with his or her philosophy of medicine? Does the physician communicate well? What about bedside manner? These are just a few considerations to keep in mind before making that final decision.

“Pediatricians can also offer support and advice on several areas, such as how to parent, how to manage your child’s specific medical needs, and what to do if something goes wrong,” U.S. News and World Report adds. “In this last case, they may refer you to a pediatric subspecialist, who can treat the health issue.”

Looking for the perfect pediatrician for your child?

Southwest Care Center’s Santa Fe Pediatrics can be the perfect option.


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5 – Special or Complex Healthcare Needs

Not every child needs the same level of care – a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t a great plan. Most pediatricians, such as at Southwest Care Center Santa Fe, can cater to the individual child – ready to meet special or complex healthcare needs.

That might include heart or lung problems sustained during gestation or early in life. Children may also need a sub-specialist like a pediatric cardiologist or other expert. Having a pediatrician well-versed in general primary care along with the ability to treat some other special areas can help guarantee a wide range of care.

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