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Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art

The Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art gallery is a Fine art gallery in Santa Fe, NM that is known for housing pieces of electric fine art in building dating back to the 1800s, and which is conveniently located on the famous Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM. The doors to the gallery open every day from 10am – 5pm (12pm-5pm on Sunday) for art collectors well versed in the trade as well as those just starting to build their collection.

The setting of the fine art gallery in Santa Fe, NM is relaxed and calm so that patrons and newcomers can appreciate the displayed artwork and contemplate on it in peace, without even the slightest level of intimidation.

Notable Artists from the Gallery

Britt Freda: She is an artist captivated by nature and draws her inspiration from it. She encourages the viewer of the panting to “travel not only the roads that we see but the ones… lost along the way.” The paintings she creates, though deeply rooted in realism, have subliminal elements such as etched words, poems and maps which are layered on top of distinctive patterns.

Freda finds herself drawn to the details in a painting both conceptually and visually. She says that one’s perspective of an abstract painting should not stop at the surface and they must delve deep into the scratched drips and dirt of the stories that lie within. As a person gets closer to a painting, she believes, that the structure that the mind had preconceived about the painting begins to break, allowing for the same painting to appear different.

She feels that her style of painting may seem fairly simplistic at first, but upon having a closer look, the same paintings open up a world of learning and perspective. She says that her paintings seek to stimulate the senses so that people understand and take away more from them than what first meets the eye. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and so does detail when it comes to Freda’s paintings. She has taken inspiration from the intricate details upon closer inspection of the world and she wants the viewer and enthusiast to do the same. 

Check out some of her work including First, The Chicken?, Or, The Egg?, Flight of Peace and more at the event entitled “The Year of the Cock” from June 2nd to June 16th 2017 at the Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

Nocona Burgess: He’s a “Comanche” from Lawton, Oklahoma. Artistry runs in the Burgess family and Nocona has been exposed to art all his life. His grandfather and grandmother Simmons and Ina Parker were both artists. As Mr. Burgess says, “Art runs in my blood.” After a year at the University of Oklahoma, he moved to Santa Fe and discovered the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in Santa Fe. There he found his inspiration for the masterpieces he creates today.

To see works like Quanah with Eagle Fan, Wah Be Get – Ute in Eagle Feather and Two Hatchet with Digital Breast Plate from this Native American artist, head to the Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, NM between August 18th and September 1st 2017 for the event “The Power of the Eagle.” 

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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