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Hillary McPartlon

Hillary McPartlon, CEO of McPartlon Roofing, continues to show her leadership in the roofing industry. She recently accepted an invitation to serve the National Roofing Contractors Association on the NRCA/CTE/Workforce Development Committee and the NRCA University Operations Committee. Hillary’s experience as an educator in public schools and her role in the roofing industry come together with these education-focused committee positions.

NRCA/CTE/Workforce Development Committee’s goals include engaging and collaborating with national workforce development partners to expand the roofing industry’s footprint in the career and technical education community by establishing roofing as a core curriculum. The University Operations Committee’s objective is to provide oversight and direction to NRCA University, its vision, mission, and brand and to monitor the progress of existing NRCA University program offerings and explore opportunities for new programs.

Hillary started as a roofing laborer as a teenager, then spent 17 years as an educator in the New Mexico public schools before returning to the family business. Her degree from New Mexico Highlands University in leadership and management has served her well since taking over her father’s business in 2018. Hillary is well-known as a champion for female roofers and supervisors. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, kayaking, fishing and camping with her husband, Mike, and their dog, Penny.

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