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Hotel St Francis Santa Fe New Mexico

If you’re ever in downtown Santa Fe, don’t forget to visit the Hotel St. Francis. Among all the hotels in Santa Fe, NM, St. Francis is one of the oldest. With its beautiful and elegant design, Hotel St. Francis brings to life the history through its overpowering design and décor. So, if you ever decide to travel to Santa Fe, St. Francis hotel is the one for you!

Hotel St. Francis

Since this is amongst the oldest hotels in Santa Fe, it has really taken its reputation and given the guests something to love. With historical arts and artifacts lining the hallways and the old fashioned furniture and lightings, it perfectly matches the history behind this hotel. So, if you decide to book a room and avail their services, you’ll literally experience a chance to “live in the past”. To give a more archaic touch, this beautiful hotel holds statues, chests, religious prints as well as a fireplace, each making their way from centuries past. That combined with the friendly faces that greet you will make your stay here worth every penny. Their staff is also trained to keep your priorities in check and make sure your stay there is exceptional.

What does it have to offer? 

St. Francis Hotel is among the most well-known hotels in Santa Fe, NM and it lives up to the reputation by providing the guests with excellent service as well as excellent facilities that cater to their every need. With access to Wifi throughout the hotel, you wouldn’t even have to worry about leaving your work behind! Apart from that this hotel holds walking tours for their guests to learn the historical and cultural background of Santa Fe. Through this, you wouldn’t even have to worry about missing out on any of the famous places to visit! Here are some more things that you can take advantage of while you’re at the St. Francis Hotel:


From fine dining to bars, tasting rooms and even casual restaurants, Hotel St. Francis allows you to indulge in exquisite cuisines as well as drinks. You’re bound to have a great time all the while giving your palate a taste of what it’s truly like living in a place that’s rich with history and culture.

Events and catering

Hotel St. Francis is beautiful and makes sure its history is represented throughout every nook and curve of this hotel. That’s what makes it the best venue to hold meetings and plan events. They provide ballrooms, lounges and bars so you can have a sophisticated touch for your events. Apart from that, they even offer the best place for weddings and cater to whatever else you are interested in.

Hotel St. Francis has kept up its originality and elegance for several years past and has continued to do so. This hotel is definitely one that’s built to make you feel like royalty, so whenever you get the chance, don’t miss out on the opportunity to avail their excellence.

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