How to conserve water as a family and make it fun! -
Family water saving activities

When you download a copy of the City of Santa Fe’s Water Family Activities booklet, you and your children can learn why water is our most precious resource — and have fun in the process!

A note for adults

The water activity book is intended for families to do together. Through the various activities, families can learn how to conserve and protect water. The projects and information describe where our water comes from, how we can use it more sustainably, and where it goes after we’ve used it. As your children complete the activities, they can put their answers in the booklet, and then you can upload their booklet. Your kids can get prizes depending on how many activities they complete. Resources for adults are included too. You can learn about leak detection, the best plants for our region, and other water conservation information.

What activities are in the booklet?

The activities cover topics about where our water comes from, how our water is cleaned, the water in our homes and gardens, and where our wastewater goes. Kid-friendly graphics explain water-related topics. There are plenty of engaging activities that make learning about water fun. Both indoor and outdoor activities are included. If your child enjoys writing, they can tell a story about what happens to a drop of water after it falls in the mountains. Young readers will enjoy the reading challenge.

Have fun with your kids:

Water cycle family activity

  • Using bowls to create your own mini water cycle
  • Building your own water filter
  • Putting math skills to use figuring how much water is wasted with leaks and calculating how much water you use each day
  • Composting kitchen waste
  • Going outside to play pollinator bingo
  • Taking trips to nearby parks or demonstration gardens to identify native plants
  • Making a rain garden
  • Designing a garden for pollinators
  • Drawing a map of water outside your home

Where do I get the booklet?

Go to save water Santa Fe and download the PDF file. The link to download the booklet is below the section titled Get a Copy of the Activity Book. When your child has completed the activities — they don’t have to complete them all — go back to this link and fill out a form, then upload their booklet with their answers to get prizes. The more activities they complete, the more prizes they can claim.

What resources are available for adults?

You’re bound to learn a lot as you go through the activities as a family, but you can also find links to the EyeOnWater app that can help you save money on your water bill; learn about native plants that do well in our area without using a lot of water, including plants that attract pollinators; and discover other ways to save water in Santa Fe. The City of Santa Fe Water Conservation website also has links to other ways to save water and money through rebates and ways to reduce water consumption at home.

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