Hutton Broadcasting to Expand Services to Ruidoso, New Mexico
Mountains and trees near Ruidoso, New Mexico. Adobe Stock Image.

Hutton Broadcasting will Expand Services to Ruidoso

In 2020, Santa Fe-based Hutton Broadcasting expanded its multi-media business into southern New Mexico by launching, acquiring Neighbors magazine, and offering a wide range of services in the state’s second largest market. In 2022, the family-owned company’s expansion in the southern part of the state will continue with the acquisition of

Hutton Broadcasting has been part of Santa Fe for over 14 years, owning the city’s most popular group of radio stations. When Hutton Broadcasting purchased in 2010, it became the go-to website for locals and visitors to know what’s happening in the capital city. Hutton also has a dynamic network of digital display screens in airports, malls, popular local restaurants, and businesses in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Las Cruces, and Mesilla, displaying local-interest videos and advertising content created by the company’s in-house video production team. 

Hutton Broadcasting also owns Traction Works, a full-service digital marketing company, and has a print publishing division, with Neighbors magazine distributed throughout southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas, and, as of 2021, publishes the SWAIA Indian Market Booth Locator Map and Guide.

“We couldn’t be happier to announce expansion of our services to Ruidoso,” said Scott Hutton, owner and general manager of Hutton Broadcasting. “Neighbors magazine already has wide distribution in that area and with the addition of, we will expand our Hutton Digital Display network into this popular vacation area, as well as offer our company’s other services. It will be an excellent opportunity for Ruidoso businesses and visitors!”

Vice President of Sales Art Trujillo added, “We are excited to offer more quality content for consumers within the state of New Mexico.”

Director of Publishing Cheryl Fallstead reports that development of the new site will begin soon and says plans are already being laid for expansion of Hutton services to the region. “We’re thrilled to add this popular tourist destination to our network!” she said. “My team can’t wait to start developing stories about places to go and things to do in and around Ruidoso.”

Learn more about Hutton Broadcasting at and explore the company’s existing city websites at and

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