Jewelry at Form and Concept in Santa Fe -

Jewelry at Form and Concept in Santa Fe

What sets Form and Concept apart from their competitors is their take on contemporary jewelry. One such product is the Titanium Quartz Sterling Silver Necklace. It is named so because it is laced with both titanium and quartz. It is uniquely shaped, combining in a unique blend of art and craft that makes sure it dazzles both on its own and also on whoever gets to wear these luxurious items.

Form and Concept in Santa Fe also dabbles in equally breathtaking rings and earrings. Depending on the product, it comes with diamond, in gold or titanium, or a complete mixed bag depending on your needs.

For art enthusiasts who just want to browse paintings on a canvas, there is an exhilarating art exhibition as well. However, it seems to be on the pricey side of things, as the Chicoma by artist Matthew Mullins is priced at a daunting $8250. The piece is also quite big and probably even bulky, measuring an impressive 58in by 38 in. The acrylic ink and watercolor have been expertly joined together, showing a tree. The story that we see is of a tree going through the regular seasons of the world, just like the boring work schedule of a human being.

Perhaps it signals a change for the better in the life of the tree. It made us feel overjoyed with a new rejuvenated outlook on life. Related artwork also seems to focus on trees, but this time in different places and climates. But they’re all heavy on the wallet, aimed at the true art enthusiast. 

The Gift Shop
One of the best features about Form and Concept in Santa Fe is their gift shops, price on these art pieces range from $50 and under all the way to $500, we’re sure they will make great gifts for whoever it is intended, be it your better half, your parent, sibling or even just a friend. The affordability of these gifts should not be confused with inferior artwork or quality of material. Each and every piece is handled uniquely with absolute devotion, making sure they retain the creative genius of their artist unscathed wherever they’re carried.

Some artists

Wesley Anderegg
He brings in his special ceramist talents to Form and Concept, sculpting clay figures that sometimes end up looking frighteningly uncanny to us. But this was all intentional on the part of Wesley who we believe is perhaps inspired from the zombies in The Walking Dead. Don’t worry though, he also creates humorous and jovial statues that won’t give you nightmares. Probably.

Nicola Heindl
Nicole studied Illustration at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design. She has experience in designing everything from greeting cards to newspapers and magazines Vogue and Marie Clarie. Some of her featured works at Form and Concept include the Twisty Stoneware, a special type of pottery art priced at $500.

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