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Joe’s Dining is based on one philosophy: to consistently deliver great and healthy local food from sustainable sources. The reason they came up with the name Joe’s Dining is that they tried to personify the average Joe in their restaurant. They find that there’s a Joe in every man and every woman. He may have different versions of the same name (even females).

They say that Joe likes many great things, which include healthy food, wine, and a great time with people. He loves jokes and laughter, but is still straightforward and humble. Joe’s Dining believes that their diner caters to the Joe’s in all of us in Santa Fe, NM.

Brunch in santa fe

Joe’s Dining has a pretty diverse menu with lots of choices to cater to the needs of patrons. There are many salads, sandwiches, and hamburgers. They offer breakfast items, as well as cheese items like pizza and pasta to choose from. The best thing is that they are all local and sustainable.

If you are looking for brunch on a Sunday, Joe’s Dining is a diner that has you covered. Brunch is served from opening until two. For brunch, you can have such favorites as eggs benedict, Joe’s Benedict, Blue corn pancakes and French toast. There are a lot of egg items to be had at Joe’s dining, all of which are fresh. Bacon and ham options are also there for you to choose from when it comes to brunch.

The Beverages

You can have hot or cold beverages such as coffee, hot chocolate and even chai or latte. The café mocha and hot chocolate come topped with delicious and fresh whipped cream. And who can forget that Santa Fe breakfast enchilada and Huevos Rancheros. They even serve alcoholic drinks on Sunday after 11am.

Other than the Sunday brunch there are some amazing entrées that are favorites among locals. There’s a great selection of wine and beer to go with the food. You can have pizza and pasta with Joe’s Dining’s home-grown Raspberry wine.


There are many choices for pizza, and that include gluten free options as well. The pizza is topped with locally made and fresh organic mozzarella cheese. Other notable cheese entrées are the Quiche and Fettuccine.

You just have to ask for gluten free pizza and you will get one without so much as a whiff or scuffle.

Friendly Staff and cheery ambiance

The staff is always punctual and nice to patrons and welcomes them to the diner warmly. People have claimed that the dining experience is unlike any other at Santa Fe, NM. It is a unique Santa Fe diner which believes in the power of local and sustainable produce. It influences the local economy by supporting the local produce.

You don’t have to ask for a wine or beer refill because as soon as you are done, the waiter will be there to refill your glass with more. The ambiance is cheery and will brighten your mood when you step in. Joe’s dining also offers catering and takeaway services. The service is true to its core: unpretentious and welcoming.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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