Joseph’s Culinary Pub in Santa Fe, NM -

Joseph’s Culinary Pub in Santa Fe, NM

Joseph’s Culinary Pub in Santa Fe, NM is owned and operated by Chef Joseph Wrede. Wrede has earned many AAA Four Diamond and DiRoNA Awards. He has also had both Wine Spectator and Enthusiast distinctions under his belt.

The Experience

For a memorable experience in Santa Fe, there are a lot of options when it comes to a pub, but none is quite as exceptional as Joseph’s Culinary Pub in Santa Fe, NM. The atmosphere is romantic and intimate at the pub, and the staff is warm and comforting. They welcome you and pay special attention when it comes to your orders.

The bartender will gladly walk you through the favorites at the restaurant so you don’t have to spend your valuable time selecting what to order. Don’t let the outside look of the restaurant fool you, either. It may not look like a very upscale place to eat, but the inner atmosphere says otherwise. As if that is not enough, the food is well worth it.

The outside patio is pet friendly too, so you can have your pet dog sit near your table and get some refreshment while you enjoy yourself. Your pet doesn’t have to feel left out if you plan to sit on the patio.

The Savory and succulent treats

Joseph’s Culinary Pub in Santa Fe, NM likes to experiment with its food creations and makes the case for a great foodie experience. The menu Items have some great favorites among locals and tourists. There are some entrées, however, that are better than the rest. These include the coriander crusted lamb ribs. The flavor of the spices is plentiful, but it doesn’t phase out the meat completely; you can still taste it in there. There is green and red chili in there, but it still doesn’t lessen the flavorful experience of the meat.

Then there’s the pork broth which is on the spicier side of the menu items. Accompanying the broth is the lime and salt but the broth brings the heat on its own. Another favorite is the Chilean Seabass Creviche that is popping with mouth-watering flavorful deliciousness.

You need to have the Duck Confit if you visit Joseph’s culinary pub in Santa Fe, NM. Its savory taste is complimented with the grape-yogurt and red cabbage on the side. They go amazingly well together.

The lamb banana curry is a unique entrée that takes the local lamb variety and dips it in yellow curry. It combines banana and pomegranate into the mix and tops it off with rice. If you want a crunchy and flavorful treat from the restaurant, this is the one to get.

The pub has a nice selection of wines from around the world to complement the food above. and luckily is available for special events. It also has on tap root-beer which is amazing with the food that you order. For dessert, the butter scotch pudding is a great option which makes you want to come back for more. 

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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