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KBAC 98.1 Fresh Pics for January 2020

Here’s our favorite songs of January 2020. Listen in then check us out at KBAC!

KBAC 98.1 Fresh Pics for December

Here’s what we’re listening to at KBAC for December. Sit back and enjoy!


KBAC 98.1 Fresh Pics for November

November snuck up on us pretty darn quick and we’re kinda wondering how we’re going to make it through traveling, shopping for gifts, the lack of daylight and the infernal tick, tick, tock tocking of time. Oh, too dark for you? Here’s some awesome music we’re playing this month to lighten the mood.

KBAC 98.1 Fresh Picks for October

It has always been our mission to seek out the most incredible music on the planet to share with you.  Take a deep dive into KBAC’s newest favorite songs.

Our inaugural list for October comes from KBAC program director Chris Diestler. We have conveniently put the list into Spotify so you can play it anyhwere you go. Preview the songs below or go to the KBAC playlist on Spotify to listen to every song in full.


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