37 Sakes in 37 Days:  Day 4 Manabito “True Blue”

The Big Show with Honey Harris - January 10, 2018

37 Sakes in 37 Days:  Day 4 Manabito “True Blue”

We are celebrating Ten Thousand Waves’ 37 birthday this year with 37 sakes in 37 days at their fantastic Japanese pub, Izanami.  Today we continue our discussion about sake rice, one of the three ingredients used to produce sake.

The top 9 Sakamai or rice varieties used in Japan are:

Yamada Nishiki Rice
Omachi Rice
Miyama Nishiki Rice
Gohyakumangoku Rice
Oseto Rice
Hatta Nishiki Rice
Tamazakae Rice
Kame no O
Dewa San San

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about these different rice varieties.

Our 4th sake is Manabito “True Blue”, a junmai ginjo produced in the Akita region of Japan.Founded in 1689, the brewery uses artisanal methods to deliver full-bodied flavors, clean and crisp, using a locally grown rice only found in Akita.We thought this sake was delicious and paired perfectly with Chef Kiko’s spicy sausage Kushiyaki.I am really enjoying tasting all of Chef Kiko’s Kushiyaki choices- a recent addition to his already amazing menu.

Now you can taste the Manabito “True Blue” and the other fantastic sakes on this week’s flight and see for yourself how delightful it is to pair exquisite food with amazing sakes at Izanami.  On Fridays, go to santafe.com/passport to enter our contest where you name all of the sakes I’ve talked about that week (hint: go can read my blogs in case you miss hearing me talk about them).  On Mondays, we will draw one correct entry and that person will receive two $37 gift certificates to Izanami and a private hot tub for two at Ten Thousand Waves.  On February 27th we will draw our grand prize winner who will receive a complete therapeutic massage for two, a premium hot tub for two, a multi-course dinner for two at Izanami and an overnight stay at Ten Thousand Waves.  We’re celebrating 37 years of Ten Thousand Waves- your passport to relaxation from your friends at 98-1 Radio Free Santa Fe.