Art Fusion: June 15, 2019 Visual Artist: Juanito Jimenez Singer/Songwriter: Carlos Medina

Art Fusion - June 15, 2019

Visual Artist: Juanito Jimenez

Juanito was awarded his Masters degree in Education from the New Mexico Highlands University of Las Vegas, New Mexico in 1971 and teaches courses in Retablo Painting throughout New Mexico and United States. Juanito served as Curator of Southwest Devotional Folk Art at the A.R. Mitchell Museum in Trinidad, Colorado and lectured at the Trinidad Historical Society on Spanish Colonial Devotional Art.

With pieces in public Museums throughout New Mexico, Colorado and Washington D.C., Juanito's works are also held in private collections in the United States, Europe, South America, Mexico, Canada and Australia.

Singer/Songwriter: Carlos Medina

Carlos Medina is a nationally touring musician & comedian. He is best known as a singer-songwriter, performing in Mariachi and Norteño styles. He also performs bilingual stand-up which lampoons the idiomatic “Spanglish” language and culture of Northern New Mexico. He has performed in 38 states and sold tens of thousands of homemade CDs to individual fans across the country. His popular web series “Norte Saying of the Day” has reached millions of fans around the world since his first upload in 2011. His monthly residency at George RR Martin’s Jean Cocteau Cinema is now in its third year. He is a member of the art collective Meow Wolf.