Transitions Radio Magazine

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Sundays 8 - 11 AM

Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) blends a varied pacing of special features, guest interviews, cutting-edge information and practical resources with an eclectic mix of contemporary music. Conversations center on topics of social responsibility and include interviews with best-selling authors and other prominent guests as well as lesser-known experts in their fields. Music crosses over typical industry classifications to provide a wide range of vocals and instrumentals, acoustic and electronic styles, from the familiar to the unique.

TRM airs on KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe 98.1 FM, broadcasting to central and northern New Mexico and broadcasts each Sunday’s complete show, available 24/7, at our website, which provides our underwriting sponsors exposure to our new and growing, global audience.

TRM and its predecessor show, COSMOSIS, were first conceived by creator/producer Alan Hutner in 1984. Over the years, the show has become one of the most highly-rated, widely-listened-to specialty radio programs, with a large and loyal following in New Mexico. Celebrating more than 25 years on air, TRM reflects the ongoing refinements of 2 decades of broadcasting, spanning six stations in New Mexico.

Tested and proven, the show format is a unique blend of stimulating talk, special features, guest interviews and practical information. TRM has continually been on the leading edge of what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not! Factor in a diverse mix of musical programming and TRM is what we call "whole-brain radio," accessing both left and right brain hemispheres. TRM brings forth topics of social responsibility, alternative lifestyle choices and critical issues relevant to a rapidly changing world. The mix offers conversation in palatable, easy to assimilate bites, bridged with alternating music sets.