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As a homeowner, you already know how important regular maintenance is to preserve the value of your home. By ensuring your roof is in top shape, you’ll keep your home beautiful, comfortable, and safe. A McPartlon Roofing professional can help you know your options when it comes to repair, restoration, or replacement of your roof.

The National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) recommends regular roof inspections, ideally at least twice each year. During an inspection, your roofing professional will assess the overall condition of the roof, and their trained eye will spot any potential damage that needs to be addressed. They’ll be careful to examine areas of the roof that are penetrated by plumbing pipes, vents, or ductwork, as well as canals along any parapets. If improperly sealed, all these areas are at risk for leaks. Your roofing professional will inspect roof mastics (sealant for pipes, vents, etc.) for cracking, drying, peeling, and holes.  They will also check for bubbling, blistering, ponding, or loose materials, as well as how the roof feels underfoot. A bouncy feel to a roof signals that coverboards and insulation are not properly screwed down, or the cap sheet might not have had enough heat applied during the original installation.

The amount of time an inspection will take depends on the size and condition of the roof. If an inspector finds damage on an area 10′ x 10′ or smaller, they will suggest repairs to keep your roof in top shape. The success of a repair depends on the type and duration of damage. Damage that goes unaddressed may cause further damage—which is why it’s always best to address even the small issues as they occur! That way, repairs will be less time consuming, less costly, and give you peace of mind.

If damage warrants more than a simple repair but not an entire replacement, restoration is a cost-effective, more environmentally friendly course of action. In a restoration, your roofing professional utilizes as much of the existing roof as possible and requires a smaller work crew to correct issues like ponding or fire, water, or wind damage. A well-done restoration can extend a roof’s life by 15 years!

If your roof is more than 20 years old or if its structural integrity is compromised, you will need a full roof replacement. A roof replacement is, of course, a more costly endeavor than a restoration, as it is labor and material intensive. The old roof first must be removed as well as the new one built in its place. Replacement also takes longer, depending on the size of the roof and other factors such as weather. On average, you can expect a replacement to take a couple weeks at a minimum.

Your McPartlon Roofing professional can provide a thorough inspection and advise if your roof is in great shape or if it needs some repairs, restoration, or even replacement. Regular inspections and maintenance will save you time and money, preserve the value of your house, and keep your family safe and comfortable!

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