Alan Colmes Update - December 16, 2016

The sudden passing of Alan Colmes caught everyone by surprise. Alan Colmes was the only progressive voice of the Fox News Channel. The Fox News Channel  has been using a variety of substitute hosts until they decide on a new host and a direction of the show. Some have been progressive or neutral and some have not. Talk 1260 KTRC will only continue to carry the most progressive shows that we can find. If Fox News Channel does not continue with a progressive or at least a neutral host we will drop the show immediately. In the meantime, we ask for your patience until a new host has been found and we are clear on the direction of the show. We appreciate the feedback of our loyal progressive listeners and we hear you. You can always email us your opinions to Again, Talk 1260 KTRC is dedicated to the progressive principals of our programming and will always strive to carry the best progressive programming available. We thank you for listening and for your patience in this matter.