Alan Colmes Update - December 16, 2016

Alan Colmes Show Update


         Loyal Talk 1260 listeners, your voices have been heard. With the passing of Alan Colmes, we were hoping Fox News would substitute with the same progressive tone as Alan until they decided on a permanent replacement. They have not done that. They never even provided a list of upcoming substitute hosts. We were hoping a decision of some sort would happen sooner than later. That has not happened. So effective immediately we are not airing the Alan Colmes Show. We will fill with temporary programming until we can sort things out. This involves contracts, programming satellite receivers and such. We'll wait and see if Fox News comes up with an acceptable progressive replacement.

         Our goal at KTRC Talk 1260 is to provide the best progressive programming available. Unfortunately, there is not a lot available. People who have dropped out of radio include Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, Mike Melloy, Bill Press. Leslie Marshall cut back from 3 hours to 1 hour. There has not been a bunch of talented progressive voices to choose from as replacements. Overnight news programming has been through the same kind of shuffling. We do not wish to have just a few voices and then repeat their shows later. It's not great programming. That is why we were holding out for Fox News to have a suitable replacement. That is why we are giving The Devil's Advocates Show a chance. It would be sad to just have Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, and Norman Goldman and just repeat their shows. (Though I get the feeling some wouldn't mind having Thom Hartmann on 24/7.) You would think that in the current circumstances there would be a ton of progressive voices clamoring to be heard, but such is not the case.

         Talk 1260 will do our best to serve the progressive community in Santa Fe. We can't please everyone. We can only pick from what's available and again, that has shrunk over the past couple of years. We always welcome your feedback- email me at We thank you for your patience and continued loyalty.

Brad Brown

Program Director KTRC-AM- Talk 1260