Office Practical Jokes

- August 24, 2011

"Some days our inner juvenile just needs to come out..."

Are you a clown at work? Practical jokes were a lot of fun in high school and college. Now we are supposed to be adults and people expect that we should have evolved out of this. Well, some days are better than others. Some days our inner juvenile just needs to come out. I have decided that the Santa Fe business community needs a little levity this week. I also want to point out how an anonymous practical joke can get a point across when no one wants to address an issue face-to-face. Yes, passive-agressive, I know.

No matter where we work or what our daily tasks are, a good hearty laugh can make everything better.

Laughing until you cry >>>> better than getting a raise.

Here are the top five pranks from my work history. No, they are not on my resume.

1. A nimrod director of development thought very highly of himself, and reminded us all of this frequently. While he was out of the office  one day, I replaced the business cards in the rack on his desk with new ones reading ”Director of Windbagery.” He gave out a few before he noticed.

2. A rather rude female employee who reported to me was consistently wasting time on the Internet so I set her homepage to this site. (Note: DO NOT click this site unless you have at least a few minutes to spare here!)

3. A young man was new to our company and didn’t seem to care that we all were expected to wash our own dishes. I replaced the photo on his desk of his girlfriend with a photo of the stack of his dirty dishes he left in the sink. His girlfriend pic was safely in his drawer.

4. Same guy. He would also regularly leave food in the fridge long after it started growing life forms. We cleaned out the fridge one Friday afternoon after he had left, and put all of his half-filled disgusting food containers in a cabinet in his desk (with the lids off), so by Monday morning….well, he got the point.

5. Some folks are just pack rats. They save everything, right? One such co-worker, a woman in her forties, was well-known for her uber-large stashes of the truly bizarre. So we decided to apply the theory “If you can’t beat ‘em-join ‘em.” We started adding random papers from the paper recycling bin to the piles on her desk, her files in the cabinet, etc. She was always trying figure out why she saved all those random papers.

May the pranks be with you.