Santa Fe Brewing Company

Santa Fe Brewing Company

35 Fire Place Santa Fe, NM 87508 NM


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Monday- Saturday | 11:00am-10:00pm
Sunday | 2:00pm-8:00pm

Once upon a time in 1988…

The Santa Fe Brewing Company set its sights a bit higher than the delicacy of Milwaukee's Best. Using custom square vessels and open-top fermenters obtained from the defunct Boulder Brewing Company, Mike Levis began brewing the Pale Ale that remains the Santa Fe Brewing flagship today.

Over the next decade, the New Mexico State Fair and the Great American Beer Festival, amongst others, took notice. As a faithful following and regional renown grew, the company added the Nut Brown and Wheat varieties to its regular offerings, and established a tradition of unique and flavorful seasonal brews.

In 1997, with the arrival of Brian Lock, Dave Forester, Carlos Muller, and Ty Levis, the company was ready to expand its century-old tradition.

Moving to their location just off the Turquoise Trail, the brewery increased its capacity to 15-barrels, and brought its brews to a wider audience in New Mexico, and parts of Colorado. They then opened a tasting room, and invited the public to sample the fares from the brewer's barrel. Shortly after came Chicken Killer Barley Wine, known as the finest drink ever to be named after a Death-Dealing Dachshund.

In 2005, times are changing and more beer is brewing…

Muller and Forester have officially bid farewell to the Turquiose Trail Tasting Trough, leaving Lock and Levis to carry the brewery into the 21st century. The brewhouse has finally found it's permanent home also on the Turquoise Trail, just up the road from it's former rental and with the help of a brilliant, yet crazy Hungarian named Alfonz Vizsolay, the new 30 bbl brewery and bottling line is complete! With the ability to brew ten times the beer, Santa Fe Brewing will be going abroad (well, to a few other states at least). Distribution into Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas are in the works and will be available to those states in 2006.

The Santa Fe Brewing Company is a small operation with just a handful of friendly employees. Next time you are in the neighborhood, stop by, grab a cold one and say hello.

We are located in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico right at the "top of the Turquoise Trail."

The Tasting Room is open to the public Monday - Saturday from 11:00am - 10:00pm, open Sundays from 2:00-8:00.  Tours are available every Saturday at noon.  Click here for more information on our Tasting Room and Tours.