Tecolote Cafe

Great Breakfast. No Toast.

Tecolote Cafe

1616 St Michaels Drive, Santa Fe NM 87505


Phone | (505) 988-1362

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Monday | Closed
Tuesday - Sunday | 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Tecolote Cafe - Santa Fe, NM, Restaurant

Santa Fe NM restaurant Tecolote Café was established June 2, 1980 by Alice and Bill Jennison. Their goals when opening the restaurant were to offer really great comfort food at fair prices. To this day literally 30 plus years later the family is still working hard to provide quality food in a good old down home warm family setting.

In May 2010 the family lost Bill and in December 2012 it lost Alice. The couple’s daughter Katie and husband Matt moved forward and took control of the restaurant realizing that taking over the well known business for the iconic family was a big job, but undoubtably felt up to the task. From Katie and Matt to the Tecolote Cafe amazing core group of employees the business is run with integrity and hard work.

The word for “owl” in the Nahuatl (Aztec) is “Tecolote”. The local town Northeast of Santa Fe off of I-25 is the namesake for the café, not the name beautiful raptor. Back when Bill moved to Northern New Mexico the deserted village Tecolote located just 10 miles south of Las Vegas, NM charmed and enchanted him leading to the christening the café with the name of elusive bird.

Since the beginning of time the owl has had a variety of meanings to a variety of the population. The owls on display (not live ones) at the Santa Fe, NM, restaurant Tecolote Café are gifts to the restaurant from employees and customers since the business opened. The owl is a reminder to Katie, Matt and the employees of the hard work and consistent effort Alice and Bill put in to bond with the Santa Fe community and all its amazing customers over the years. Tecolote is committed to working hard to earn its customers business each and every day. It looks forward to serving you today, tomorrow and down the road.