All Things Real Estate: First Hour - July 30, 2017

All Things Real Estate - July 30, 2017

This weekly radio show features host and Sotheby's International Realty's Associate Broker Rey Post (NM REC License #45660) and a variety of special guests offering the best news, information and commentary regarding every aspect of today's real estate market.
In the first hour of the show, join Rey and his guest co-host, Bonnie Davis, Professional Community Association Manager of Westgate Properties, LLC, and their guests for a discussion of the value that the show’s commentators bring to home owners, buyers and sellers.
On July 30, 1937, independent efforts by radio performers in Los Angeles to create a Radio Actors Guild and in New York City to form a Radio Equity are combined to establish the American Federation of Radio Artists. Two weeks later that year (August 16, 1937), the Associated Actors and Artistes of America grant a charter to the new union. Since the commentators of “All Things Real Estate” (ATRE) are considered by many to be "artists" in their own right, the 1937 event is being used to underscore the great value that they bring to the field of real estate as the theme for the program.

The Value of ATRE’s Commentators: Rey will offer observations on how the varied roster of real estate, business, community and non-profit commentators over the eight years that ATRE has been airing has added considerable value to the message the radio show has delivered to those who wish to buy or sell a home.
Community Association Management Update: Bonnie will offer her thoughts on the theme of the show, as well as update the audience on current issues that residents within community association neighborhoods are facing this season. Bonnie will also review the elements of the second hour of the show when she and her guests will address timely community association matters important to home owners, buyers and sellers. Based in Santa Fe, Westgate Properties specializes in the management of multi-tenant commercial properties and homeowners associations. Their goal is to promote community through highly responsive management with the aim that quality of life, quality of work and the value of one’s real estate investment is improved.
Gateway Mortgage Group “Home Buyer Tip”: Scott Robinson (NMLS#202265), Santa Fe Branch Manager at the Gateway Mortgage Group, will offer his own thoughts on the theme of the Sunday show, especially focusing on the talented people who make up the team at his firm and how they contribute to his recurring radio show commentary. Scott will also provide his regular mortgage tip, which can benefit home buyers who are purchasing a property in collaboration with a lender. The Gateway Mortgage Group is one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the country, doing its entire mortgage servicing in-house. This business element is important, since it means that Gateway’s customers work directly with them until the time their loan is paid.  
Open House of the Week: Rey will review the attributes of 1220 Cerro Gordo Road with his Sotheby’s International Realty broker colleague Marilyn Foss. This sophisticated country-style residence and guesthouse is sited on a beautifully landscaped lot, offering numerous features and located just a short distance from the Santa Fe Plaza.

In the second hour of the show, Bonnie Davis of Westgate Properties, LLC, will lead a discussion with her guests on the topic of “Dues, Collection and Foreclosures” in community associations. Among other issues relating to this topic, Bonnie and her guest commentators will tackle what to do when a home owner becomes delinquent in paying dues, as well as why it is important to have a collection policy in a community association, as well as what impact property foreclosures have on the collection process.

HOA Legal Review: Joining Bonnie in the studio are Javier Delgado and Melissa Brown of the Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado, Bolen Law Firm, as they offer observations on the theme of this week’s second hour of the show. Javier will also provide his monthly legal perspective on a variety of other issues facing homeowner (HOA) and condo (COA) association communities.
Insurance Advice: Vincent Marciano of the ADV Insurance Agency—specializing in community association insurance needs—joins Bonnie to discuss the theme of the Sunday show, as well as offer his monthly insurance counsel on other matters of interest to home owners.
Landscape Tip: Sean Gabriel, Principal with locally-owned and operated Proscape Landscape Management, will offer his landscape tip of the month, which speaks to the theme of the second hour of the program.

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