Art Fusion: December 08, 2018 Artist: Glen Strock Singer/Songwriter: Ron Whitmore

Art Fusion - December 8, 2018

Artist: Glen Strock


(from an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican)

Artist Glen Strock wanted to show how New Mexico’s cultures can come together in a spirit of compassion. But some people saw just the opposite. Strock, 69, signed on to paint a mural this fall in conjunction with Santa Fe County Teen Court, a remediation program for juvenile offenders. The mural has been vandalized and criticized. As a result, changes are being made.

It is the latest front in an ongoing local battle over how to acceptably depict Colonial New Mexico, a time of conflict between the Spanish and Native Americans, in public art. The mural, black on the white-and-beige exterior of the Santa Fe County Human Resources Office on West Alameda Street, shows a Spaniard on horseback. A Native boy sits before the horse, a cross of reeds in one hand. The Spaniard’s unsheathed sword looms above him. The sword since has been whited out. The mural’s overseers decided to change course last week, bowing to the public backlash that spanned a spectrum of displeasure, said Jennifer Romero, manager of the Teen Court, which is responsible for the commission and creation of the mural.

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Singer/Songwriter : Ron Whitmore

Musician Statement:

My mom played the piano and encouraged me to do so as well and then provided piano lessons from the age of seven with a Dutch classical piano instructor. I appreciated classical music but liked composing my own tunes better. I played at a piano bar called the Pelikan Wharf in Tucson during College playing the standards but  sneaked in my own tunes when possible. I published my first album called “Stick and Stones” Anthology of a Mended Heart, about ten years ago and have been playing with the band “High Altitude” for about eighteen years. Music has always been my outlet for expression ever since I was a child. I emote through my original is my catharsis. Lately my songwriting has been mostly humorous material because I think the world needs a good laugh desperately!