Art Fusion: January 13, 2018 Visual Artist: Kathryn Stedham Singer/Songwriter: Bard Edrington V

Art Fusion - January 13, 2018

Visual Artist: Kathryn Stedham
Kathryn Stedham is recognized for her strong gestural style, which incorporates a rich array of mark-making and painterly surfaces culminating from a lifetime of painting.  Stedham’s paintings and monoprints have been featured in public and private collections throughout the United States and abroad. Her awards include multiple National Endowment for the Arts awards, fellowships and public art commissions. Earlier this year, Stedham completed an Artist Residency Fellowship at the Rio Mesa Center, a University of Utah field-based program that emphasizes ecology and the environment.

"My paintings accrete from a system of drips, scraping and incising, not unlike the natural process of erosion and deposition occurring in the landscape around us.  Just what can we discover about what is uncovered, or revealed?  My inspiration is drawn from the likes of explorers, scientists and philosophers traversing great unknowns.  Much like a journey without end, my life and work are a series of excavations with nothing, or perhaps everything, to find.”
This, in its most visible form, is Kathryn Stedham’s subject matter.  Not the sunset, nor the shadows: what she paints is the experience of being in the moment, on the cusp, between illegible impressions and the instant when what may be vaguely perceived suddenly makes sense.  Most of the time it is the briefest of essential experiences.  Only when we struggle to see, as when we stare into the distance or the dark, or open our eyes in an unknown place, are we likely to notice it.  Yet it’s the purpose that our nervous system built itself to achieve, and the source of powerful rewards...
~ Geoff Wichert, 15 Bytes, Feb. 2010

The artist is a longtime student in the Sanbo lineage of Zen Buddhism.  Stedham currently divides her time between southern Utah and Santa Fe, NM., but travels extensively, painting in the North American Southwest and Asia.  She is represented by A Gallery, Salt Lake City, Acosta Strong Fine Art, Santa Fe, Parish Gallery, Washington DC (in memoriam).


Singer/Songwriter: Bard Edrington V

Born in Alabama and raised in TN and currently living in Santa Fe, NM. Bard Edrington’s music is influenced by the deep sole of delta music and the high lonesome sounds from the Appalachians.  Well crafted lyrics tell the stories of life and the soulful music takes you there.  For the last year he was living with his family in a small fishing village in Mexico.  While there he wrote many new songs about their time living and traveling in Mexico.  You can find Bard leading the local band The Palm in The Cypress or playing alongside Boris McCutcheon in their newly formed duo, High on The Hog. His last album “The Great Emmancipation” was recorded at Frogville Studios.   When not playing music he works on his tile mosaic commissions or building outdoor living spaces with his business Living Edge Landscaping.