Art Fusion: January 5, 2019 Visual Artist: Erika Wanenmacher Singer-Songwriter: Scott Cadenasso

Art Fusion - January 5, 2019

Visual Artist: Erika Wanenmacher

Born in the mid-fifties in suburban Ohio, and raised to be an artist (children’s art classes at the Cleveland Art Institute and alternative art high school), Erika attended Kansas City Art Institute and the Feminist Studio Workshop in Los Angeles before settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico (whose landscape she had dreamed), where she has lived and worked for over 35 years. Her work has been shown and collected internationally. Most recently, Erika built parts of Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal return. And she owns a Witch Store.

“I am an unrepentant maker of things. I believe objects that are made with intent carry resonance that can shift energy, power, and beliefs. Clear intent focused by will and imagination are the components of a spell. I make spells in the form of objects.”

Singer-Songwriter: Scott Cadenasso

What is it that makes someone pursue a life as a singer songwriter? “I couldn’t figure it out, so I just kept doing it.” That’s the reason Scott Cadenasso gives. A musician and singer since childhood, Cadenasso began “making up” songs when he was in high school. Convinced that he wasn’t getting it, he became obsessed with finding that thing which makes a song come together. The spark, the twist, the element that makes it “be alive”, and that’s been his pursuit ever since.

A native Californian, Scott has lived and worked in Santa Fe for over 35 years.

Photographs of both artists are by Anne Stavely.