Art Fusion: March 16, 2019 Artist: Michael Andryc Singer/Songwriter: Ron Whitmore & High Altitude

Art Fusion - March 16, 2019

Artist: Michael Andryc

Artist's Statement:

    I am a self-taught artist originally from Coventry, Rhode Island and living in New Mexico since the 1980s. I have been painting for more than 45 years and have exhibited at indoor and outdoor shows and in galleries for almost as long.  I call my work "Sophisticated Primitive" - "sophisticated" because of its subject matter and message - "primitive" because it is sometimes raw and direct in its presentation. I paint figuratively in acrylics on canvas, paper, wood, and masonite with bold colors, lines, and intention.  Titles and narratives are of utmost importance and play a large part in my work, as do the use of humor, parody, and allusion. For subject matter, I draw from the imagination, dreams, jokes, family history, current or ancient events - it's all grist for the mill. The end result is usually something that loosely resembles folk art but that I sometimes refer to as "folk art gone wrong."  I am most grateful and happy that a large - and ever growing - number of people enjoy my work.

Singer/Songwriter: Ron Whitmore

Musician Statement:

My mom played the piano and encouraged me to do so as well and then provided piano lessons from the age of seven with a Dutch classical piano instructor. I appreciated classical music but liked composing my own tunes better. I played at a piano bar called the Pelikan Wharf in Tucson during College playing the standards but  sneaked in my own tunes when possible. I published my first album called “Stick and Stones” Anthology of a Mended Heart, about ten years ago and have been playing with the band “High Altitude” for about eighteen years. Music has always been my outlet for expression ever since I was a child. I emote through my original is my catharsis. Lately my songwriting has been mostly humorous material because I think the world needs a good laugh desperately!