Business Matters: October 20, 2018

Business Matters - October 20, 2018

Larry Wilson       Designnmind, LLC

Designmind is a full service interior design studio.

Specialties include Hospitality Design, Restaurant Design, Multi Family, Senior Living, Corporate and Residential projects.

We are team of four award winning designers from a number of diverse and experienced backgrounds whose dedication and passion for interior design show in the work we create.

We each hold resumes that are the result of years of practice  throughout the country giving Designmind  true hands on experience. It is our real experience and commitment to quality design that has made us successful in all the diversified project types we design.

Current projects include:

Two Restaurants
A Yacht
Multi- Family Public Spaces
Several renovations of Corporate offices
Multiple Residences
Exterior Material & Finish Consultation

Recently Completed Projects:

Restaurant Prototype
Convenience Store / Gas Station Proto type
Condo expansion & renovation