Art Fusion December 8th: Aleta Pippin and Lisa Carman

Art Fusion - December 9, 2016

Singer, songwriter, producer and teacher.

Lisa Carman

Original Americana / Roots Music

Singer, songwriter, producer and teacher.

Lisa Carman was born and raised in the jazz infused city of Rochester NY. The drive and intense love for all things musical began in elementary school with piano lessons, and roared through college with Lisa majoring in voice and music education.

Her parents spun the vinyl’s of Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, Edie Gorme, and all the swing bands of the 40s,while she discovered The Supremes, The Beatles, and Joni Mitchell. But the “aha” defining moment was the surprise Christmas gift in 1963, the electric guitar under the tree. “I just dove in and swam off, never thinking there was anything else to do but play and sing”.

First song was written in her teens and hundreds more have been inked in since then. Lisa’s music explores multiple genres and mixes many vocal styles.

Raising a family in upstate NY, she performed out and about in New England for over 20 years, and began educating youth with vocal techniques, guitar, and piano studies. The young students grew and evolved into a teen theater company of singers, actors, and dancers presenting cabarets and licensed musical plays.

The first record of originals ”Full Moon Over Montana” was released in 1991, encompassing romantic themes, and the discovery of open landscapes in the West. Years of life changes and locations interrupted the album making until 2002 , when the pop infused L.A. based “Tame Me” CD came to life. A couple of years touring the East coast returned Lisa to the West. Putting down her roots in the Southwest, she established a “home” of first call musicians and clients passionate to songwriting.

The “Treasures and Trash 2007” release includes fiddle, dobro and guitar licks representing Lisa’s folk rock/country background. This record nabbed her first big nod with the song “Count Me In,” winning country song of the year at the New Mexico Music Awards in 2008.

A double record release in 2011 “The Pony I Rode In On” showcased the jazz influences she grew up with, while “Coming of Age” celebrated true Americana. “Same Sun and Moon” garnered her the second NMMA trophy for Americana Song of the Year.

2013 – “Something About” won for Singer Songwriter of the Year.

2015 – The singles “In Love and Loss” and “Language of Love,” respectively won the Singer Songwriter category of the year and “Song of the Year”.

The excellent studios in Santa Fe brought these awards winning songs to life. Stepbridge Studio, Kitchen Sink Studio, Kabby Sound and the most recent work in the Santa Fe location of The Palace Recoding Studio.

Producing an artist’s original work in the studio from basic tracks to full length instrumentation, is Lisa’s specialty and interest. Developing the artist’s skills to align with their vision for their music, reaps a great reward for all involved.

Lisa’s students in Santa Fe are of all ages. The adults seek to express their art inside by composing lyrics and music. The youth study skills for the voice and guitar and piano, channeling over to songwriting.

“The Way,” a Christian Folk Rock album (releasing May 2016) is a product of one of Lisa’s clients bringing his lyrics to lessons, and she composing the music, arranging and producing.

Three new albums are in process featuring genres of Americana, New Thought, and “feel good” Folk. Stay tuned for releases in later 2016!


Since 2003, Aleta Pippin, Abstract Artist, Has Continued To Explore And Reassess Her Artistic Journey. With Abstraction As The Vehicle, She Continues To Explore Color, Depth, Movement And Energy For Which Her Abstract Paintings Are Noted.

Creating is what motivates Pippin. She has been creating since the age of three, when she began her first drawings. By the time she was a teenager she was drawing figures and creating posters for school.

Then her creations took her into another direction: marriage, children, and job. The drive to create lived on inspiring Pippin to open her own business in 1984. That business eventually made the list of the 50 largest women-owned businesses in Houston.

Creation continued to motivate Pippin, facilitating a move to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1991. She took her first painting lesson in 1992. There was restlessness about Aleta, though; and in 1997, she quit painting for four years to pursue other creative passions. In 2000, painting again exploded into Pippin’s life, blooming into a full-time passion.

Now intently focused as an abstract artist, Pippin was inspired – the paintings were fresher and more sophisticated. They quickly evolved through various processes from acrylics to oils, to mixed media, and once again returning to acrylics and oils. The commitment to paint became complete during this metamorphosis.

In 2006, Pippin and fellow artist, Barbara Meikle opened Pippin Meikle Fine Art and in 2011, Pippin launched Pippin Contemporary in downtown Santa Fe, one block from the Historic Plaza. Her gallery focused on abstract work providing a sensory experience of color and mood for collectors/viewers. In 2012, Pippin Contemporary relocated to the foot of Canyon Road and Paseo de Peralta.

“Being an artist is a life journey as well as an interior journey. I’m continually assessing my work considering how I’d like it to evolve. As a result, I’m constantly exploring various media, resulting in learning new skills. I consider my artwork a tribute to the beauty and the vibrational impact that color imparts and infuse that appreciation into every piece.”