Geri Lynn Weinstein Matthews & Michael Matthews: Justice Denied

New Mexico Film Works - January 13, 2016

Meet Geri Lynn Weinstein Matthews and her husband Michael Matthews as they join us to discuss their latest documentary, Justice Denied and hear the gripping accounts of survivors of  Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

Geri Lynn holds a Master of Social Work and has 20 years of biopsychosocial experience as a social worker with a focus on MST. She’s affectionately been dubbed the trauma queen, for her coverage of air plane crashes, fires, 9/11 and Katrina and is currently producing a full length documentary called 50 States of Rape.

Michael F. Matthews USAF Ret. refuses to remain a victim of MST.
He and Geri Lynn are working toward creating positive solution focused change and is addressing the current policy or lack thereof concerning Rape in our armed forces.  He strongly believes that MST must be addressed in a straightforward healthier way.

Justice Denied has screened at both the Pentagon and US Senate and is now being used as an educational tool on military installations and can be seen at