“Blue Sky Producers Lab”!

New Mexico Film Works - May 4, 2016

Sean Cardinalli is a partner at Blue Sky Producers Lab in New Mexico, a media

accelerator keeping start‐to‐finish project development local. He has worked for

20 years as a screenwriter, script analyst, script coordinator, and copywriter. His

entree into Hollywood was as a creative executive on the Artisan Entertainment

development team which brought The Blair Witch Project, Requiem for a

Dream, and The Limey to the big screen. While at Artisan, he attended the

Sundance and Urbanworld film festivals, and his script notes got him into

meetings with the likes of Spike Lee.

Sean later became one of the top script analysts for world‐class talent agency,

ICM. He also analyzed for Summit Entertainment, NewMarket Films,

Screenwriters Online, and Walden Media, and has completed a dozen

original screenplays. Before picking up production work on Terminator

Salvation and the CW's Easy Money, Sean's screenwriting got him into New

York's famed IFP Market. Sean holds a BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley

and is pursuing a Master's degree in history.