Sara Century and ‘The Dream of a Glass Desert’

New Mexico Film Works - November 25, 2015

Meet Sara Century as we talk about her upcoming feature length film The Dream of a Glass Desert, which will be shooting in New Mexico! She’s a self-proclaimed queer independent multimedia artist who’s strongly informed by punk, comic books, pulp heroes, art house cinema, and the avant-garde. Her art is fueled by equal parts feminism and dark humor.

Co-Director Aleeya Wilson & I had the vision of a queer, feminist, totally subversive Western that imagines non-violent alternatives out of harrowing situations. We thought, what if we took the tropes of the format and told an interesting story about progressive women rather than white male anti-heroes? What if we just made a really great art house film about queer love and social justice that just also so happened to be a super entertaining Western with a sick soundtrack? We feel that modern American cinema is in a terrible rut, and shaking it up is not only our intention, but indeed our very reason for existing as artists in this modern age. Rather than sigh that there's nothing new in the world, we seek to create a film that could only have been made today, by us, in this exact political climate. Briefly, we wish to create the purest film we are capable of, and we are deeply grateful for all assistance in helping us achieve this goal.