Robert I. Mesa & Saneh Boothe

New Mexico Film Works - December 9, 2015

Robert I Mesa is an artist and actor working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a self-taught photographer, which he initially began to train his eye for filmmaking. This led to documenting numerous acclaimed Native American artists, including Bob Haozous, with whom he shared a debut photography exhibition with. Mesa’s experience in journalism for publications like Native Peoples and The Navajo Times informed investigations into his own Navajo and Soboba heritage. Through video work, photography, and by cultivating an acting persona, he aims to raise cultural awareness regarding empowerment within identity. Musicians, wildlife, sports, and fashion all fall under Mesa’s broad lens, capturing his world through a burgeoning vision. He has participated in multiple art markets including The Autry (Los Angeles), the Heard (Phoenix), and the Santa Fe Indian Market. He has an upcoming exhibition at the Ningbo Museum of Art in Ningbo, China, where he will be an artist-in-residency this September. There, he will work on a documentary that follows a creative exchange between Native American and Chinese traditions, viewpoints, and histories, instigating new cultural dialogue between distant peoples.

Saneh Boothe is an actor and an activist. “I was in Iran during the revolution, and those who were interested in movies and media at the time, saw an immediate shut down of creative arts. Even today, Persian/Iranian producers and actors must be very careful because religious “censorship” from the government, and even prison can result…In America as an actress, it is my dream to do well enough to one day be an inspiration to young aspiring movie youth, in Iran be able to follow and achieve their dreams, with freedom.” She believes that New Mexico is a lively hotbed of talent and opportunities, where filmmakers are encouraged to express their unique voices for the world to see!