Wake-up with America's first news - Host Gordon Deal goes beyond the headlines with the day's first look at news and business news from the U.S. and around the world; bringing a lively blend of intelligent information, humor, and expert analysis to morning radio.

Devil’s Advocate

Monday- Friday from 2p-4p

Mike Crute and Dominic Salvia present a lively discussion about the political topics of the day

The Stephanie Miller Show

Weekdays 7 - 10 AM

A progressive talk radio show syndicated nationally, mixing humor with the latest political events.

The Thom Hartmann Program

Weekdays 10 AM - 1 PM and 8PM - 10PM

Thom Hartmann inspires intelligent conversation from both sides. He combines a hammer and tong delivery with an intellect capable of intelligent design. The result is energized and calibrated talk radio with arguments even conservatives respect. Named as a Talkers Magazine's Top 10 Most Important Radio Talk Hosts in America from 2011-2014, Thom is a prolific and profound New York Times bestselling author of 24 books.  If you haven’t heard Thom Hartmann lately, you’re leaving a great ratings weapon on the table.

The Leslie Marshall Show

Weekdays 1 – 2 PM

"The only true democracy in talk radio. Of, for and by the people." Leslie is also a Fox News contributor as the liberal voice on The O'Reilly Factor and Hannity.

The Norman Goldman Show

Weekdays 4 - 7 PM

Norman Goldman is a lawyer and knows all that legalese ipso facto habeas corpus stuff. Better yet, he knows how to make sense of it all. Day after day, on issue after issue, Norm brings it all into focus. What matters, why it matters, and why it matters to you. Norman brings his signature clarity, wit and wisdom to the issues of the day. He also gives you a chance to talk back as he takes calls from all across the country.

Real Estate Today

Saturdays 2 - 4 PM

Get the best financial advice and invest your time wisely! Be part of the multi-platform program about all things real estate, with award-winning broadcaster Gil Gross, and welcome more customers to your door. Real Estate Today opens doors for buyers and sellers with critical and credible information on the real estate market. It's fast-paced and fact-packed with experts, interviews, call-ins, field reports, and timely market conditions.

The Best of Thom Hartmann

Saturdays 1 - 4 AM and 4 - 7 PM

The best clips from the week's Thom Hartmann shows, the nation's #1 progressive talk radio host, New York Times bestselling author, and international speaker and writer on topics from psychiatry to culture to ecology to politics.

Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy

Saturdays 7 – 10 PM

Your Go-To Gadget Guy

Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy entertains audiences nationwide as host of a technology talk radio show every Saturday. From computers, the Internet, iPods, and cell phones to digital cameras, gaming systems, and home theatres... Leo Laporte provides entertaining tech talk that appeals to the inner geek in all of us! Leo Laporte has worked as an author, speaker, and broadcaster in New Haven, Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Rudy Maxa’s World

Saturdays 10 PM – midnight

Rudy Maxa, one of America’s premier consumer travel experts, hosts “Rudy Maxa’s World”, a high-definition travel series. 

Into Tomorrow

Sundays 1 - 4 AM

Award-winning broadcaster Dave Graveline is the host of the technology talk show, “Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline.” Dave initiated the concept of a high tech talk show at 610 WIOD-AM in Miami, where he created and hosted the popular show then titled “Toys for Boys“. On January 6, 1996, the program entered syndication under a new name, and the “Into Tomorrow” Radio Network launched via satellite.

Kim Komando

Sundays 7 - 10 AM

Every weekend Kim Komando helps listeners across the country and around the world understand and expand their digital lifestyles. For the latest news from the digital world and answers to your burning tech questions about smartphones, tablets, e-readers, computers, cameras, the Internet, security or anything else digital, tune in to the Kim Komando show. 

Meet the Press

Sundays 10 - 11 AM

Meet the Press generates more Monday morning headlines than any other public affairs program. Since President Kennedy, every man who has occupied the Oval Office has appeared on Meet the Press during his political career.

All Things Real Estate

Sundays 12 - 2 PM

The nation's foremost live real estate radio show. Hosted by Rey Post, Associate Broker with Sotheby's International Realty (NM REC #45660), the program offers the most timely news and commentary to home buyers, sellers and owners. Go to our website and blog for the best in real estate information:

The Clark Howard Show

Sundays 2 - 5 PM, Monday - Friday 1AM-4AM and 7-8PM

Tips and Tools to Thrive in Hard Times

Clark Howard is helping millions of Americans through this extraordinary time of financial upheaval. He simplifies complex issues, allays fears, and offers sound advice to help families thrive during financial crisis. Right now, Clark and his stations are experiencing unprecedented audience response - on air, on-line, and in person at station events. Your listeners need Clark to empower them to make smart decisions about their finances. Americans are listening. Are you?

Ring of Fire

Sunday 4 - 7 PM Saturday 11 AM - 2 PM

Ring of Fire Radio is a nationally syndicated American progressive talk program hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio, and Sam Seder, appearing on numerous radio stations throughout the country. The trio focuses on covering important stories that the corporate controlled media refuses to talk about.

A Voice for the Community

An American icon, international statesman, Baptist minister and one of our nation's leading civil rights advocates, Rev. Jesse Jackson discusses news and current events in a weekly, nationally syndicated radio program. Keep Hope Alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson is a 2-hour community-based program that is broadcast every Sunday. The show currently airs in nearly 40 markets including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

In Deep with Angie Coiro

Sundays midnight - 1 AM | 10PM - midnight | Saturdays 7AM-8AM

In Deep with Angie Coiro is an independently-produced, two hour weekly news/talk and interview program. Hosted by award-winning Bay Area journalist Angie Coiro, In Deep is a closer look at news and issues of the week- particularly the important stories that fell through the cracks of major media coverage. Featuring lively, thought-provoking interviews with newsmakers, politicians, and behind-the-scenes notables, each show illuminates important issues and the forces shaping the national narrative.


Sunday mornings, 6-7 am | Midnight - 1AM

INFOTRAK is an award-winning, highly produced interview program. There's no religious, corporate, political, or other agenda. Each week's INFOTRAK contains interviews on important topics that impact the lives of many of our listeners.

A Matter of the Mind

Saturdays 10 - 11 AM

"A Matter of the Mind" is an exploration of mind, consciousness and creative intelligence. The first Saturday each month, my wife, Jennifer Jenkins, co-hosts with me in exploring rich, fulfilling relationships.

Bob’s Botanical Broadcast

Saturdays 8 - 9 AM

A local, organic, homegrown garden  talk show brought to you by the owners of Agua Fria Nursery, Bob Pennington and his  sons Shane and Mark. Call in at 424-4550.