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La Casa Sena Santa Fe New Mexico

La Casa Sena is a fine dining restaurant in Santa Fe, NM with one of the best outdoor patios in Santa, Fe. There is a great wine selection with food to match. The patio is dotted with large trees, which provides much needed shade and comfort during a fine dining experience.

The lighting outside is intimate with the tables scattered around the large patio, perfect for a romantic date with your significant other. There is another hallway next to the patio bar, through which you can enter inside the restaurant.

fine dining in downtown santa fe

The menu is upscale as is expected from a fine dining restaurant, with many chicken, steak and fish entrées as well as a number of mouth watering appetizers. If you are in the mood to have medium portions, the wait staff is nice enough to provide you with plates that will help you share between your friends and loved ones, the same way tapas are shared.

You can be seated on the outdoor patio bar and still have the same selection of delectable treats as the patrons inside.

One of the most amazing entrées is the LCS Ceasar which has some tantalizing ingredients. These include Chipotle lavash, Red Chili Caesar dressing, romaine hearts, pecorino romano and white anchovies.

There is also the green chili cheese burger. What’s amazing about this entrée is that it is made from only the best grass fed NM beef. To add a uniquely spicy Mexican flavor to the burger, there’s extra sharp cheddar and hatch green chili put into the mix. This gives that extra solid punch to the burger.

Another appetizing entrée is the Maryland Blue crab cake which has basil cream and mustard aioli. The lumps of crab are added fresh and make the entrée a wholesome one.

The Singing Staff

This is something especially unique to the restaurant. La Casa Sena’s waiting staff gives stunning singing performances every night at La Cantina. They are skilled in both serving and singing a few songs to liven up patrons’ moods too. The interior is perfect for when it gets too chilly outside. Singing and great food, what else could you want, right?

Great emphasis on their Wines

Nothing would add to the experience at a fine dining establishment in Santa Fe, NM. La Casa Sena focuses on the people who grow the best quality of wine, not just off the market. It keeps its commitment to quality by serving cool wines that they have carefully selected from around the world, keeping the budgets of their patrons in mind.

They have a total of 15,000 bottles of different wines which you can select from and they will never be served warm. La Casa Sena, Santa Fe, NM has dedicated temperature control to keep the wine cool, 24/7. They claim that no one else does this in Santa Fe, NM.

Reservations for big occasions

Reservations for big events are important as La Casa Sena can get crowded on such occasions. But the reservations are worth it. You won’t want to miss out on the great food and savory wines that La Casa Sena, Santa Fe, NM has to offer.

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