La Fonda on the Plaza La Plazuela in Santa Fe, NM -

La Fonda on the Plaza La Plazuela in Santa Fe, NM

La Fonda on the Plaza better known as a La Plazuela of Santa Fe, NM is an upscale dining restaurant. It has some impeccable service and has its own creatively unique take on traditional NM food.

The Atmosphere and Staff

La Fonda’s La Plazuela is not like your average hotel restaurant. The ambiance and décor is cozy, warm and intimate but it has so much more to offer. There is an outdoor seating arrangement where the tile windows above allow just the right amount of sunlight through to make for a great family meal.  

In the night, when the lighting is in full swing, the atmosphere is just ripe for a candle-lit dinner. The wait staff is super kind and friendly. They pay attention to the patron's orders along with their positive demeanor. Some may even go so far as to call it enchanting, and for good reason.

If you are kind enough to ask them about any recommendations as to the food or places to visit while you are in Santa Fe, NM, they will gladly give you some good recommendations. It’s not really pricy when you think about the quality and tastiness of the food. 

The Menu Entrées

One of the delicacies here is the cashew cake. It’s a vegetarian meatloaf that is served with mouthwatering sides, including butternut quinoa, steamed broccoli, sweet potato polenta grilled cauliflower and a delectable roasted tomato sauce.

Chili Rellenos de La Fonda is another must try entrée at La Plazuela, Santa Fe, NM. The ingredients are a fresh pair of green Hatch chilies which are stuffed with Mexican cheese. They are dipped in beer batter and fried. They are topped off with Christmas chili and the result is an explosion of flavors.

Another entrée that makes it to the books is the La Plazuela Burrito. It is made of shredded chicken and flour torilla. The topping of Christmas chili adds that much needed NM flavor to the burrito.

The Rellenos and burrito are accompanied by beans, sopapilla and posole. The sopapilla is especially great value for money. They arrive warm and fresh and are cooked to perfection. The aroma alone will make your mouth water.

Roasted green chili-corn chowder is bursting with flavor owing to the different herbal ingredients used. The chowder is neither too fine nor too rich, unlike traditional green chilli stew. Other than that, the more than appetizing chips and salsa are great starters for what can only be called a rare and auspicious dining experience.

For breakfast, their blue corn piñon pancakes, omelette with avocado and chorizo are a match made in heaven. It can be a great date if you share it with your significant other.

Reservations are a Must

Be sure to get a reservation when you come for a great night out on the town. La Plazuela can get a little bit crowded during its peak hours. No one wants to wait hours in line for getting a great dining experience in Sana Fe, NM.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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