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Lounges in Santa Fe: Agave Lounge at Eldorado Hotel

There are plenty of lounges you could opt for, but here’s a recommendation: Agave Lounge at Eldorado Hotel. You don’t want to miss out on it, that’s for sure. It’s definitely got a lot going on. It is a retreat get-a-way from a stressful life. Eldorado Hotel is generally known for their excellent service and several activities that you could indulge in if you ever happen to be in or go to Santa Fe.

Lounge inside the hotel?

Well, Eldorado Hotel is known to be very popular amongst whoever is privileged enough to go there. Amongst the many things, you could try getting a massage and simply just relax out in the spa. It really helps you clear your mind and relax your body, especially if you’ve been travelling. But if the spa doesn’t cut it for you, the hotel also helps you embrace your romantic side as well. The weddings hosted here are extravagant! So if you’ve already given the ring, this spectacular location will definitely be great for your dream wedding!

But enough about the Hotel, the main attraction is the Agave Lounge at Eldorado Hotel. Mostly people just opt for the hotel to try out the lounge and it’s all for good reason. The best part about the lounge is the happy hour! The prices go down, but the quality remains the same. The ambiance, the food, everything is just simply exquisite. There’s just no denying it. However long you are staying out at the hotel, you’ll realize how their quality remains consistent and absolutely delicious.

What do they serve?

Well, everything! Whatever you’re in the mood for, they serve it and it’s cooked to perfection.  It’s set and lighting is perfect to help you relax and just enjoy the company of your partner while you’re there. It’s not just the food and drinks that catches the attention, the staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is great! The Agave Lounge at Eldorado Hotel is exquisitely built and looks absolutely beautiful which further enhances your experience with every visit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re coming in with your friends or family; they provide excellent service at any time!

Take some time out of your day and visit the Agave Lounge at Eldorado Hotel with their beautiful furnishings and a bar that caters to your every needs. Its appetizers and main course are equally delicious. It’s an experience you will not forget and with food that your taste buds will want you to constantly come back for.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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