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Established in 1967, the Meyer Galleries boasts over decades of excellence in fine art drawing, borrowing in experience from a broad range of artists with different interests. This means that the moment art enthusiasts step in, they are initially faced with an overwhelming number of choices… You will be left scratching your head on whether to choose from the precision oil painting of Suchitra Bhosle or the unique cartoonish blend of cars and thoughtful background employed by Robert Da Luke.

A quick browse through the Meyer Galleries shows that most paintings are sold out. It seems there is no shortage of buyers looking to decorate their walls with the finest of paintings. Prospective buyers however need not fret since Meyer Galleries routinely hold art exhibitions where featured artists can display their excellent craftsmanship. Schedules for these art galleries can be found on their website at

In addition to art paintings, the Meyer Galleries also deal in book publications that contain a collection of paintings in paper form, allowing one to marvel at these paintings while reclining on their couch or before going to bed. One such book is called Robert Daughters, which is also the name of the artist who drew the paintings. He was born in 1929 and attended the Kansas City Art Institute, and his work mainly comprised of charcoal drawings.

Another promising book that contains full color images is William Cather Hook, A Retrospective. It contains a collection of 244 pages of paintings from artist William Hook whose primary source of inspiration is the American Landscape. Specializing in landscape paintings, his canvas is full of vivid colors. Incidentally he is also an alumni of Kansas City Art Institute.

A little bit about some of the artists

While there are over 30 exceptionally skilled artists at the Meyer Galleries, we can only talk about a few of them here and leave the rest to your journey and discovery.

Suchitra Bhosle

She specializes in oil paintings drawing portraits of human figures, usually looking over something in the distance, expressing a range of emotions which is up to the viewer to interpret. Suchitra Bhosle also holds classes for interested students who want to improve their portrayal drawings focusing on shadow and light patterns, eventually progressing over harder visual pieces such as shapes and edges.
Her art is appreciated by over 22 thousand users on Facebook and she has her own exhibition at the Meyer Galleries.

Alejandro Barron

Born in 1980, a relatively younger artist born in New Mexico, he is self-taught at painting, drawing inspiration primarily from the paintings of the 17th century with particular attention to Tenebrism, the dramatic illumination typified by sharp contrasts between light and dark. His work contains a lot of darker overtones such as erotic and forbidden themes.

Natalie Featherston

Described by the Chicago Sun Times “Artful beyond illusion and trickery, truly masterful still lifes made with both craft and wit.” Natalie’s paintings have received a plethora of awards from various organizations such as the Salmagundi Club and the Catherine Lorillard Wolf Club, making her one of the most accomplished artists on our list. She has had her own exhibitions featured at Meyer Galleries, her most popular being the oil painting Dia De Muertos.

Viewers will find no dearth of thoughtful paintings to choose from while browsing the Meyer Galleries.

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