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Meow Wolf is a Santa Fe based fine art and entertainment company. It is a business that develops immersive multi-media fine art encounters that carry viewers of any age into sensational, hands on searchable worlds featuring visible stories. The work displayed here is a combo of playground, epic haunted house, youngsters’s museum or gallery and even an immersive fine art exhibition. Initially arranged in Santa Fe as a casual exhibition in 2008, Meow Wolf has actually grown over the years to feature 22 complete exhibitions on display throughout 8 United States Cities.

Meow Wolf is delighted to open its first permanent installation within the old Siler Bowling Alley. With collaboration with George RR Martin and a fantastic $2.4 Million remodel, Meow Wolf is back now on its home turf in Santa Fe, NM, in a permanent home. The Meow Wolf facility consists of a 33,000 square foot structure that is situated on 2.6 acres of land. Inside  visitors will most certainly locate amazing exhibits, standard galleries, neighborhood work areas, a learning facility, a performing arts center plus much more. With numerous other rooms in the facility that will certainly invite year round shows, lots of different programs and best of all, engagement by one and all.

The Meow Wolf facility is the home of Meow Wolf’s permanent art installation, House of Eternal Return; a discoverable piece of heaven constructed for target audiences of any and all ages. Pick your course as you stroll, climb up and even creep via this interactive encounter. House of Eternal Return is the follow-up exhibition to The Due Return, a hugely effective display that opened up in 2011 at The Center of Contemporary Arts, located in Santa Fe. House of Eternal Return is 10 times the dimension of its precursor, informing the tale of a household from Mobile, Alabama that come to be secured away in their old Victorian home during a dimensional break. The question begs, who are the family members? Just what occurred in this residence? All inquiries are responded to while discovering Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return.

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