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Meow Wolf Santa Fe New Mexico

When you talk about art galleries, the first thing that comes to mind are exquisite paintings and sculptures. However, that’s not always the case and Meow Wolf in Santa Fe is the perfect example of that. This gallery highlights a different style of art that not many people are aware of. Instead of the usual display of artwork, Meow wolf focuses on taking several different areas and turning them into something that is not only lovable, but offers the audience entertainment like never before. That’s why, if you ever happen to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico then don’t forget to visit this gallery and make an excellent use of your time.

About Meow Wolf: 

Unlike other galleries that focus on creating extraordinary exhibits for the eyes to enjoy, Meow Wolf takes art an extra notch and makes use of the several areas of talent. From writing to videography, architecture, painting and so much more, they compile all disciplines and create art that offers entertainment to the audience. It’s a fun twist to art exhibits and provides talented artists a place to grow and understand their areas of expertise.

What’s so special about it?

Well, all you need is creativity to understand the essence of this gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Meow Wolf is well known and loved amongst artists of all ages because of its innovative use of art and animation and turning it into a house where imagination comes alive. Making use of technology as well as creativity, Meow Wolf opens its doors raw, new talents to introduce better ways for improvement and growth of the gallery. Basically, this gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico takes the ancient love for storytelling and brings the characters alive right in front of your eyes.

What’s the most popular “exhibit”?

Using animations as a way to lure the audience into their gallery, Meow Wolf never fails to amaze eager newcomers with excellent virtue of their standards. One of the most famous “exhibit” of this gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico is “the house of eternal return” which, as you must have guessed, is basically a house. It might not sound like much but as soon as you enter, this house plays tricks with your mind and tells the story through various animations right in front of you. This exhibit uses sci-fi and allows the audience to pick their paths and venture forth inside the house. It’s not only a great entertainment for you, but your kids will fall in love as well.

Apart from this, Meow Wolf holds several different types of events and introduces contemporary perfection to new and eager watchers. If you ever visit Santa Fe, then don’t forget to drop by the Meow Wolf gallery and you’ll gain a whole new perspective on the love of art. Don’t forget to take your kids along with you so you can have a day very well spent.

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