Moving to Ruidoso — 5 Important Things to Know

For those thinking of moving to Ruidoso, either permanently or for a limited period, the specialists at Pinnacle Real Estate and Development have valuable insights to aid in your decision-making. They stand ready to help you find the right home that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Here’s a rundown of key aspects to consider for anyone thinking about moving to Ruidoso.

Ruidoso Climate: More than four seasons

Misty Strickland, an affiliated broker with Pinnacle Real Estate and Development, regularly dispenses advice she deems essential for those considering moving to Ruidoso.

“Ruidoso is truly a one-of-a-kind community,” says Misty. “One of the things I enjoy the most about living in Ruidoso is experiencing all four seasons and all that they have to offer. The winter snows, the fall colors, the spring blooms, and the cool summer days and monsoons. And, occasionally, a fifth season between March and April of New Mexico winds.”

What about Ruidoso’s temperature spectrum? Climate is an important consideration for anyone considering moving to Ruidoso. It’s certainly less sweltering than the southern low-lying regions of New Mexico. According to, Ruidoso’s record high reached 97 degrees one June day. Yet, the mean temperature in July, often the most scorching month, is close to 66 degrees. Summer monsoons in August usually account for the most precipitation.

As for the cold? The median temperature in Ruidoso during January, the chilliest month, is roughly 35 degrees. But the record low here plummeted to a freezing -26 degrees.

Things to do in Ruidoso

Ruidoso’s nickname is, “The Year-Round Playground of the Southwest.”

If you’re thinking of moving to Ruidoso, as Misty says, “There is absolutely something for everyone to enjoy in Ruidoso,” highlighting activities like mountain biking, hiking, skiing, swimming, hunting, and more.

With nearly three-quarters of the year offering agreeable weather, Ruidoso is also remarkable for hosting eight golf courses within its limited geographical space.

Moving to Ruidoso doesn’t mean leaving cultural events behind. With venues like the Spencer Theater in Alto and Ruidoso Downs Racetrack. [add internal link to racetrack post.] Ruidoso makes a concerted effort to offer first-rate entertainment, gatherings, and events that cater to both residents and tourists. Dining options abound as well, complemented by a selection of cozy spots for an after-meal libation.

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 Life in this Mountain Town

Elk in Ruidoso

Living among Ruidoso’s mountainous backdrop is characteristically serene, and new residents might require some adjustment time. Due to the town’s compact layout, commute durations are generally short, although they can extend during tourist-heavy periods.

If you’re a newcomer, be aware of the plethora of wildlife that may approach your backyard in a quest for food or even cross your path while you’re at the wheel. Elk, deer, wild turkeys, horses, and even the occasional black bear require that you stay alert, whether you’re a permanent resident or just a day visitor.

Wildlife holds a notable place in the lifestyle of this mountain community, and local folks are deeply concerned for the well-being of these endearing animals. Misty quips that traffic snarls in the Village of Ruidoso are usually the handiwork of wildlife, except during particularly busy holiday periods. Those who live here understand that speed limits are set not just for human safety, but also to protect the area’s animal residents.

Food Server at RuidosoFor newcomers moving to Ruidoso, taking part in charitable endeavors or community groups serves as an ideal pathway for integrating into local society. The region also boasts a lively religious community with several congregational choices.

The area’s economic framework primarily focuses on services, vocational trades, and remote occupations, creating a conducive environment for go-getters and those valuing occupational freedom.

Medical Facilities

Lincoln County Medical Center, a state-of-the-art establishment, serves Ruidoso’s immediate healthcare needs. For specialized medical services, residents usually venture to Las Cruces, Albuquerque, or El Paso.

Real Estate – Moving to Ruidoso

Pinnacle Real Estate and Development delivers expertise on Ruidoso’s diverse housing options, from cozy log cabins to high-end estates. Luxury rental accommodations are also available for those visiting or contemplating a move.

In conclusion, Ruidoso acts as a tranquil haven from metropolitan hustle and provides an appealing milieu for initiating a fresh life phase amid the scenic Sacramento Mountains and the Lincoln National Forest. The professionals at Pinnacle Real Estate and Development are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge of life in Ruidoso. Feel free to reach out for more information!

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