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NCRTD Blue Bus in snow

Getting to Ski Santa Fe for a day of fun can be stress free if you remember to do one important thing: make a reservation to ride the Blue Bus! This very handy bus service offers tourists and locals alike transportation in a loop starting at the South Capitol Rail Runner Station, through downtown with stops at several hotels, then heads for the hills, dropping hikers and cyclists off at trailheads in warmer seasons or those with a spa day in mind at Ten Thousand Waves. In winter, skiers and snowboarders can get off the Blue Bus at Ski Santa Fe to hit the slopes.

NCRTD Blue Bus at Ski Santa FeThe Blue Bus is part of the North Central Regional Transit District and provides a service that makes getting out for a day of fun easier, but like everything else, COVID-19 has affected its operations. Social distancing is more challenging on a small bus, so the number of riders has been limited to four passengers to ensure six-foot separation. In addition, reservations are absolutely required in order to ride the bus and should be made at least 24 hours in advance. Reservations can be made by calling 866-206-0754 ext. 2 and more information about the route and schedule can be found at

The bus runs seven days a week and 365 days a year, with more buses running in winter to accommodate skiers. However, NCRTD Public Information Officer Jim Nagle explained that the bus is also a great service in the warmer seasons for hikers, who take the bus either to or from popular trailheads like Windsor and hike the other direction, and cyclists, who take their bikes up the mountain to enjoy the thrill of the downhill ride.

Nagle also explained that before the pandemic, the bus fee was $5, which was “repaid” with a $5 token to be used at Ski Santa Fe. NCRTD Blue Bus However, to avoid issues with money handling, the bus ride is now free, so there is no token. In addition, since Ski Santa Fe has changed how tickets are sold due to the pandemic, the bus schedule has been adjusted to coincide with the new arrival windows at the resort. For the latest information on routes and to schedule service, call 505-629-4725 ext. 2, or toll-free 866-206-0754 ext. 2.

Prior to the pandemic, the Blue Bus transported thousands of snowsports enthusiasts to Ski Santa Fe each season, vastly reducing the number of cars on the road and filling the parking lot. The service is especially beneficial, Nagle said, for those who are not used to driving on snowy or icy roads. With the limited number of spaces available, it is essential for those who count on the service to make reservations early.

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