New Home Construction Process — 7 Reasons to Use a Realtor
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So, you’ve decided that new home construction is the way to go instead of purchasing an existing home. Thinking about your new home is exciting, but it can also be a little daunting. You might be wondering whether you should use a realtor for this process or go it alone. You can do it on your own, but there are many reasons to tap into the expertise of a realtor when having a new home built.

Red or Green Properties can represent your interests during the multi-faceted home building process.

Your own agent during a new home construction

Builders will have their own agent during the new home construction process. The company building the home is considered the seller and the agent that represents the builder is the builder’s agent. That means that neither the builder nor the builder’s agent is your agent. This is where a realtor comes in. They represent your interests.

New home constructionAlso, there can be times during the new home construction process when your enthusiasm fades and you wonder if the construction site is ever going to result in the home of your dreams. Your Red or Green Properties real estate agent has been through the process many times, and can reassure you that the new home construction project is on target and will be move-in ready at or near your agreed-upon date.

Red or Green Properties can answer your questions during the various phases of the home building process.

Choosing the right builder

Experienced realtors often have established relationships with local builders. This can be advantageous as it may give you access to special offers, promotions, or early information about upcoming projects. Just as a realtor can help you find an existing home that meets your needs, they can help you find a reputable builder. They know which builders do quality work in a timely manner. Taking that decision out of your hands lets you focus on other aspects of the new home construction process, like selecting appliances and features that suit your needs and tastes.

Deciding on upgrades and features during new home construction

Even if you think this is your dream home and you’ll never move, you might eventually make the decision to sell your home. While you might have looked at several designs before making the decisions on your new home, keep in mind that realtors view countless homes and therefore know what trends are here to stay and what add-ons are just fads. In essence, they know what features will make your home desirable to future home buyers and which features could be a waste of money.

Red or Green Properties can assist you as you make decisions during the complex home construction process.Modern kitchen in a new home

The cost of using a realtor during new home construction

You might think that having a realtor on your side during the home building process will be an added expense, but the builder pays the agent’s commission as long as you make it clear to the builder that you are represented by a real estate agent. Additionally, the new home construction process involves complex contracts and agreements. 

An agent from Red or Green Properties can help you navigate through the legal jargon, explain terms, and ensure the contract is fair and that it protects your interests.

Financing during new home construction

Just as real estate agents have relationships with builders, most also have preferred lenders. That inside information can help you make informed decisions about financing options.

Red or Green Properties can walk you through the many options to consider as you finance your new home.

The home inspection process?

While new homes are generally less likely to have significant issues, a realtor can still be helpful during inspections. They can help you understand the inspection results and work with the builder to address any potential concerns. Given their broad expertise, realtors can also spot red flags that could cost money in the future, and they might recommend third-party inspectors if needed. 

With a Red or Green agent on board, you can be confident that your new home will be move-in-ready when the new home construction project is complete.

Saving time during the new home construction project

Purchasing a new construction home can be a time-consuming process, especially with paperwork, meetings, and a long list of decisions to be made. A Red or Green agent can handle much of the administrative work, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life. Even after the sale is complete, a realtor can provide valuable support with any post-sale issues that may arise or questions that need to be addressed.

So, can a realtor help during the new home construction process? The answer is a resounding yes! A realtor can help you at every step of the new home construction process. Head over to the Red or Green Properties website to find a realtor to guide you through the exciting process of building your new home. If you’re a Los Alamos National Lab employee, check out this article.

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