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Have you ever been to Navajo Lake State Park? It’s time for a road trip. It’s only about 3.5 hours from Santa Fe and the options for recreation are amazing.

The lake itself is the second largest in New Mexico, but surely one of the most beautiful. The shore winds for miles and miles through sandstone cliffs and giant boulders, a landscape that is both dramatic and peaceful. 

On the water is where you want to be, and the lake is open to motor boats, jet skis, houseboats, sailboats and more. With coves radiating from the full 25-mile length of the lake, finding a quiet place to relax for the day is easy. And if you find the right spot, those cliffs and boulders make perfect places to jump off into the water.

If you don’t have your own boat, you can rent one at the marina. You can rent anything from a bass boat to a 42-foot aqua lodge. They also have kayaks, jet skis and other watercraft.

Fishing in the park is great, too. On the lake you will find bass, crappie, trout and even salmon. The waters below the damn have some of the best fishing in the country. The cold water from the lake keeps the San Juan River cool year round, the perfect environment for trout fishing. The river can be fished as you float or from shore, but fishing in the park is catch and release with barbless hooks.

Park 411

The park is open only to New Mexico residents. It is open 6am-6pm. Campgrounds are closed during Covid-19. Masks are required in public areas.


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