Big Bad Jack

Weekdays 3pm-7pm

Johnathan Christopher Stillwater, or 'Big Bad Jack' as he's known, loves discovering new music, new trails and campsites in the great outdoors, and new places to get a good IPA or good red chile.  Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to find good green chile than red?  Dang.

Kat Belew

Weekdays from 10 AM - 3 PM

Kat hails from 'Bama ("ROLL TIDE!") and steers you through the Goldmine - all-request classic country.


Kidd Corona

Monday thru Friday, 6 - 10 a.m.

Kidd Corona hails from northern New Mexico and has been in radio for many years. Tune in and he’ll keep you informed on country music history, country music news, country concerts, and when and where to get your hands on Outlaw Country swag.

Turquoise Cowboy

Sat 3p-6p, Sun 1p-7p

Sethro, “The Turquoise Cowboy,” is possibly the only Texan in history not to own a full-sized cow (had a plastic herd though) and an oil well. His first taste of turquoise came from swallowing some of his mother's jewelry. After a stint as a lost wanderer above the Arctic Circle collecting aluminum, he found his true calling digging up turquoise and making jewelry. An early connoisseur of Country-and-Western music, he devoted himself to repeatedly playing the Broken Arrow song from the old western movie until his sister chased him into a broom closet, threatening to choke him. From this he learned how maybe he should play more than one country song.