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Pizza Etc is a renowned place in Santa Fe and the top choice for those seeking variety of flavors, toppings, dressings, sides and a yummy tender crust that you crave to have again and again and again. It is a great place for having great Italian dishes with the best Mexican sauces.

Pizza depicts a more youthful image and is more of a take away food that you can enjoy so a huge talk of ambiance would not carry much meaning. This is exactly why Pizza Etc does not want you to move and instead delivers to wherever you want.


For all the flavors of pizza that Pizza Etc offers, it gives you four sizes of Personal, Small, Medium and Large coming in 6,10,14 and 16 inches respectively. Mentioned straight up, it understands customer convenience and there are no fancy names to cause confusion. They believe in the fact that Pizza is a handy convenient cuisine and all things associated with have to be so. This sets Pizza Etc apart from its rivals.

Flavors and Varieties

It has a range of flavors including Vegetarian (comes with spinach, zucchini and onions), Giovanni (with Montrachet, goat cheese, roasted garlic), Greek (with Kalamata Olives and Oregano), Deluxe( Pepperoni Sausage, Black olives and Onions) as well as seasonal Fiesta and Margarita pizzas that carry local and seasonal ingredients.

Pizza Etc’s specialty is the Trecolori (which has roasted red peppers and asparagus with feta cheese) and the Trifolati (consisting of Portobello, shiitake and oyster mushrooms garnished with scallions). 

You can avail the option to add on your favorite toppings to these flavors which are reasonably rated for Regular and Premium toppings in all sizes of slices. This shows Pizza Etc is open to customer preference which is now an incumbent part of service.

More than Pizza

The Etc in the name wasn’t just for the sake of it. From Italian to Garlic bread sticks and side salad to chicken wings as appetizers, there are so many options to choose from.Their Chicken Caesar salad is well known in Santa Fe for its taste and Freshness.

Spaghetti and Meatball lovers are also welcome on board to call while the Marinara is another flavor of pasta they can try. The diversity of Pizza Etc is also reflected by its vast variety of subs and sandwiches that it has in its menu. Turkey, Tuna, Chicken, whatever you like; it’s all available there.

A meal is never complete without a dessert and Pizza Etc knowing this has Brownies, Cheesecakes, Cannoli and Chocolate chip cookies and much more to choose from.

This wholesome treat box makes Pizza Etc live up to its name as it carters to a larger audience than just its name sake. So if you have the super bowl or play offs to watch with friends, a sleep over, a kitty party or if your partner needs a day off of the kitchen, Pizza Etc has its variety filled menu to tease your appetite and calling and having it will surely make your day.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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