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Santa Fe Café: Plaza Cafe Southside

Santa Fe, New Mexico is home to several different eateries that are culinary heaven for any food lover. Amongst the most popular and historical restaurants of the city is the Plaza Café, excelling in providing the residents and visitors alike a taste of what authentic Mexican and Greek dishes taste like. However, since crowd control became a rising issue with the Plaza café, another restaurant was launched in the year 2003 and it served as a part of this café. Following in the footsteps of the founder, Plaza Cafe Southside has earned its way to becoming very well known amongst residents as well as tourists of Santa Fe.

Plaza Cafe Southside

Contrary to popular belief, a foodie is not always aware of the kind of dish they are in need of at any particular time. Finding a good place to eat serves as one of the biggest struggles and if you’re amongst those people then rest assured, Plaza Cafe Southside offers a wide range of different dishes that work well to feed your appetite. Their variety of comfort food available, all the way from breakfast to dinner, is cooked to ultimate perfection and is targeted to satisfy your every need.

What’s on the menu?

Plaza Cafe Southside provides exemplary dishes, all cooked with such precision that it offers a burst of different flavors as soon as the bite hits the tongue. With their dishes mainly sticking to the Mexican roots, you’ll even find traces of several different cuisines from omelets for breakfast to enchiladas and burgers for lunch/dinner and even a little bit of pies and cookies for desserts and that’s just a short summary.


While you can benefit from the bar menu, Plaza Cafe Southside also offers other different kinds of beverages that are made with just as much attention as the food. They really work their way into enhancing the flavors of the corresponding dishes. However, apart from the beverages, they also offer a whole separate bar menu where you get to choose whatever drinks you’re in the mood for, from margaritas to beers to even red wine.

What’s it like over there?

Plaza Cafe Southside is designed to be an old fashioned restaurant infused with a little bit of a modern touch that dictates the culture and history of Santa Fe. With fancy, colorful murals hanging from the ceiling and skeletal images from el Dia de los Muertos painted on the bar, it illustrates the culture on every little detail of the café.  Plaza Cafe Southside itself is styled to be both cozy as well as spacious, creating an environment that’s both stylish and inviting.

The Razato family tradition has lived on and proved to be prosperous through the Plaza café and Plaza Cafe Southside. By keeping up with their cultural roots as well as keeping track of modern times; the café has worked its way into becoming well known throughout Santa Fe. Their catering and online facilities has allowed them the privilege to spread their food to whole range of people outside the premises of their café

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