All Things Real Estate: Second Hour - December 16,2018

Image for All Things Real Estate: Second Hour - December 16,2018

In the second hour of the show, join Rey for a very special interview with the Mayor of Santa Fe, Alan Webber. Becoming the 43rd mayor of Santa Fe—winning with a landslide victory on March 6—Alan is known as a successful entrepreneur and author and has considerable experience in local, state and Federal government activities. Alan has worked as the Editorial Director of the Harvard Business Review; ran for the Democratic nomination for Governor of New Mexico in 2014 (finishing second in a field of five candidates); and in 1995, co-founded the technology business magazine, Fast Company, where he was named Adweek's Editor of the Year in 1999.
In the fourth of a series of quarterly interviews in 2018 on “All Things Real Estate,” Rey will engage Alan this Sunday in a discussion of a range of issues, including:
*The team that has come together to be the city’s department leaders.
*The multitude of efforts to unify Santa Fe.
*The city’s focus on improved customer service/improving the user-experience.
*A set of longer-range programs and projects that will make life better going forward.
*The future of our city's youth and the critical role that that they play.  
*Addressing the importance of real estate to the economy of Santa Fe.
*Issues, challenges and opportunities in the New Year.
*Santa Fe's role with our nation and world.