All Things Real Estate: Second Hour - February 3, 2019

Image for All Things Real Estate: Second Hour - February 3, 2019

In the second hour of the show, Jeff Brown, Owner of WIN Home Inspection, and his guests will offer their monthly broadcast on a variety of home inspection and maintenance issues important to home owners, buyers and sellers.

Joining Jeff in a special broadcast is Praful Mittal, the Chief Executive Officer of WIN Home Inspection. Mr. Mittal has dedicated his career to supporting and nurturing the growth of businesses in a variety of sectors through hands-on involvement in identifying growth opportunities, assessing performance gaps, developing short-term and long-range growth plans, recruiting talent and growing organizations, and prioritizing initiatives, while maintaining a highly collaborative and results-oriented focus. In his prior leadership roles in private equity investing, consulting and operations, Mr. Mittal has a proven track record in guiding growth and significant operational and financial improvements. He has received degrees in business, software design and engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Northeastern University, and DIT.
Home Inspector’s Tip: WIN Home Inspection team member Matt Rivera will offer his monthly home inspector tip, which is designed to help property owners identify and avoid major problems within their home. 
The Home Inspector Selection Process: Jeff will provide some commentary on the best way to identify and enlist a home inspector, as well as the qualifications that this professional should bring to the task of reviewing the elements of the home you own, or the one you wish to purchase. WIN is well known for providing comprehensive, experienced, and professional home inspections, with the goal of helping to make the real estate transaction process go smoothly. Buyers can make an informed decision on the home they are purchasing, as well as planning for upgrades down the road, while sellers who obtain a pre-inspection can often see their listing sell more quickly.