All Things Real Estate: Second Hour - March 29, 2020

All Things Real Estate Image for All Things Real Estate: Second Hour - March 29, 2020

In the second hour of the show, join host Bonnie Davis, Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) of Westgate Properties, LLC and her special guests for a discussion of “Reserve Studies In Community Associations.” To explore this topic, Bonnie’s featured guest, is D.J. Vlaming, President of Association Reserves. Together they will review topics associated with this matter, including the definition of a reserve study; why a community association needs a reserve study; capital reserve funding for a community; and how such a study can aid in determining whether a community association has sufficient funds for major improvements (e.g., new roofing and stucco for properties; the installation of a parking lot; etc.).


Bonnie will also be joined by her monthly show’s regular content providers, as they address the theme of this second hour program:

Insurance Advice: Vincent Marciano of the ADV Insurance Agency—specializing in community association insurance needs—will also offer his monthly insurance counsel on other matters of interest to homeowners.

Landscape Tip: Sean Gabriel, Principal with locally-owned and operated Proscape Landscape Management, will offer his landscape tip of the month, and also speak to the theme of the second hour of the program.

HOA/COA Legal Tip: Attorney Lynn Krupnik, of Krupnik & Speas, PLLC, besides speaking to the theme of the second hour of the show, Lynn will also offer her monthly legal commentary, designed to benefit home owners who reside in community association neighborhoods.